Slay Kid: Killing the Meme Game


Memes are fast becoming the dominant popular art form on social media.  As a medium, they are simple to make and the right combination of im...

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Disappoint Your Parents is a new zine offering serious insight into generational tensions

dyp cover

‘Disappoint Your Parents’ is a Cape Town based zine which launched its first ‘episode’ this February. As the title indicates, it deals with ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 1 year ago

Twenty-One Steps to Contemporary: Minnette Vári Of Darkness and of Light


A monolithic structure, nestled between streams of hooting taxis and clouds amassing from suits on smoke break, remains ominous in its overb...

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Ghost Writer / art&culture / 1 year ago

The unsettling of JHB’s necropolitical reflections in Zandile Tisani’s Highlands


A police van veers around a corner, a loaf of bread is placed inside a box, leaves crackle and turn in the ambiguity of words; “In my third ...

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A reflection on representation: musings on black girl magic


In the late 90s, Arts & Culture was phased in as a subject in South African primary schools. My teacher was Afrikaans, had a 9 carat gol...

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Millenial nostalgia: reincarnating legends and giving high-fives to the past

final collage

The paint on the door was quite chipped, but the black letters remained clear: “Nostalgia is one helluva drug” it said like an answer to a q...

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Sun and self-love; For Black Girls Only


City life breeds cynicism, after attending event after event, countless nights in clubs, exhibits en masse and even the odd lecture, new eve...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 year ago

Women’s World Wide Web – Reviewing SA’s Feminist Movement in 2015 


While it may be true that over the years certain features of the multilayered feminist project have been incorporated into laws and institut...

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On The Intersection of Cultures: A Conversation With Chris Saunders

Ghost Diamond Manthe Ribane

Chris Saunders is a filmmaker and photographer based in Johannesburg, his latest project; Ghost Diamond, is a film inspired by and shot in t...

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Outfitters: Johannesburg’s Mens-Fashion Museums 

R Chiba Tailoring and Outfitters

In Johannesburg the “outfitters” is like the Spaza Shop. A culturally significant institution in which the dynamics of the cities sub-cultur...

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Skeleton Magic Bounce Feature in Video for Branko’s “Let Me Go”

skeleton magic bounce

[su_youtube url="" width="980" height="980"] Branko’s most recent release, 'Let Me Go' feature...

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Cuss Group Teases New Project in Switzerland

solution night

The Cuss Group, co-founded by Bubblegum’s own Jamal Nxedlana just released an invitation for "Solution Night" an event they are hosting at t...

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