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Photography by Duran Levinson

Photographer Duran Levinson and stylist Mira Leibowitz team up to showcase SA streetwear

Photographer Duran Levinson teamed up with stylist Mira Leibowitz for a photoshoot to showcase SA designers. Mira and Duran have wanted to work together for a while, with Mira most excited about being able to bring to Cape Town Duran’s documentary-style photography she had seen from his work in Japan and Korea. This way the images are able to showcase pieces without being presented as a typical fashion editorial.

The shoot was conceptualized in such a way that the images come across as a visual diary, a collection of memories, a documentation of a day in the streets of Woodstock, while at the same time showcasing the garments from Maylee, Adidas, Sol-Sol, 2Bop as well as bags from Not Seen Store.

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The images have a documentary-style aesthetic with the models being captured amongst everyday interactions and activities, such as train ride or buying fruit on the pavement. Duran skillfully captures the garments in a shoot that unfolds as a story, with intimate moments enhanced by the presence of a bouquet of flowers, and the sometimes soft and grainy look of the images as if they were taken from a previous time. The people on the streets are just as important as the models in creating images that showcase the garments as well as the atmosphere on the streets of Woodstock. We are often confronted with direct stares by passersby or children running across shots. This creates a feeling of nostalgia or moments of intimacy frozen in time.

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Stylist Mira created an eclectic fashion feast with local streetwear paired with simple, vintage pieces. Maylee’s pink faux fur coat can be sen alongside oversized sweaters put together with bucket hats and sling bags from Not Seen Store. The muted colours of Maylee’s simple pieces are complemented by cheeky fishnets and the youthful colours of 2Bop’s tshirts and bomber jackets.

Go to out Duran’s website to see more images from the shoot.

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Photography by Duran Levinson

Styling by Mira Leibowitz (Stylist at Superbalist)

Make-up by Kally Boyiatjis

Models – Hanna Fischer and Feloosh Baardman



Not Seen Store

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