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Adidas releases a unique multi-media content collaboration featuring local style tribes and digital artists

The forward-tilting trio of sleek bands, arch and encompass the iconic sneaker. A subtle zig-zag of a perforated edge is punctuated by straight stitching. Its rounded tongue, branded with the trefoil logo, peers out from a series of crisscrossing laces. Parallel to the classic three stripes, an uppercase text articulates this particular form of the Adidas Originals – the Gazelle.

Born out the 1960’s, the Gazelle has been manifested in various forms. “Gazelle’s history is made from the fabric of re-appropriation; a legacy carried through style tribes from mod scenesters to the reggae crowd, from the brit-pop crew to the 90’s minimalists. At each space in time, it marked a change in creative ownership.” This season will experience a resurgence of the archival ’90s style.

I am because we are.

Remember the future.

A unique multi-media content collaboration featuring local style tribes and digital artists.

Local artists have been tasked to collectively create a visual remix. Lindiwe Ngubeni and Lulama Wolf alongside Dustin Van Wyk created a nostalgic pastel dream. A pink outline extends the curvature of Lindiwe and Lulama, perched across the page. Faded magazine cut-outs pay homage to the history of the sneaker.


FAKA – the performance pair were partnered with digital artist Aart Verrips. Visually enticing eclectic imagery emerged from these collaboration clusters. Shades of lavender to cobalt form a feint zebra hide, layered over a multiplicity of sneaker side views. Foregrounded by the art duo, FAKA. Donning dark Adidas-branded wear: bucket hats, exposed socks and the iconic Gazelles.

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Lex Trickett collaborated with image maker Gabrielle Kannemeyer and Clint Sylvester. City-scape apartments pepper an ombré background. Silhouettes are deconstructed into fuchsian sneaker motifs – overlaid by chalky elevation plans. Each image is entirely different. However, cohesion does exist throughout.


The campaign embraces the humanist philosophy that originated in southern Africa: Ubuntu. Often articulated as the essence of humanity – drawing from a notion of connectedness and unity. Individuals operate out of a sense of collectivity rather than isolated individualism. This principle of collaboration is at the crux of the campaign.

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