Miller Genuine Draft Art & Design Series pops off in South Africa

Forming a part of a newly launched global initiative, the Miller Design Lab, is a project which collaborates with designers to create garments inspired by the brand. Taking from this initial campaign a unique iteration comes to the fore as Miller Genuine Draft takes us on a spontaneous visual exploration of the South African art and design landscape with the Miller Genuine Draft Art & Design Series. The project sees cultural trendsetters and their creativity amalgamate to form truly unique experiences. Six South African designers and artists will feature in the series including Banele Khoza, Ketu Malesa, Lunga Ntila, Shala The Unicorn, Artvillian and Hannah Shone.

This truly innovative campaign creates an opportunity for people to indulge in art, culture and design. For those with an aspiration to stay ahead of the game and harness trends that define our cultural milieu in this moment – Miller Genuine Draft Art & Design Series provides content that showcases their investment in the art and design landscape.

Miller Genuine Draft Art & Design Series is a new platform for the brand and acts as a celebration of local South African talent.

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