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Photography by Dhevan Bergmann

bigfoot.wildboy // Do it for the vision

Ross Sey, also known as Archy, is the founder of the clothing label bigfoot.wildboy. He describes himself as a creative who is working towards creating a vision that includes elements from multiples disciplines, including music, art, modeling and fashion. The purpose of this is to get to a point where he feels he is able to adequately express what he feels he needs to express.

Ross credits his long-term relationship with fashion to his mother, who works in the film industry as a production designer. She also runs a costume and clothes hire business. His mother being connected to the fashion industry allowed him to absorb an ability to be attuned to trends and the creative potential that fabric holds. As a result he developed an interest in the culture that surrounds the fashion world. “So I suppose the idea for bigfoot.wildboy came out of a desire to be a part of fashion culture and also the need to express myself, and it just happened to manifested itself through bigfoot.wildboy,” Ross explains.


The brand draws inspiration from the Johannesburg; the people who inhabit its streets, the music that electrifies its nightlife, and the architecture that paints the iconic Joburg skyline. As a streetwear brand, reflecting the elements that give the city life is an important factor in how Ross imagines the growth of bigfoot.wildboy.

The concept for the lookbook follows on from this premise, with models directly interacting with a raw, urban background. “The locations [for the shoot] had to be places that showed off the industrial vibe of the clothing so they themselves had to be quite industrial,” Ross explains.

When asked about what bigfoot.wildboy has cooking behind the scenes, Ross explained that the label is “always running new events and trying to get a vibe up around the clothes and especially now that we’ve just dropped our first season people can expect some exciting new events, showcasing some new music and maybe even a yung collaboration or two.”

Follow bigfoot.wildboy on Instagram and check out the website to keep up with what Ross has planned.


Art direction and styling – Ross “Archy” Sey

Models – Nicole Sen, Taylor Goodman, Tshepo Mokoena, LuthandoMbombo, Maya Barry, Shanti Cullis

Makeup and hair – Paris Mia Mckay

Photography – Dhevan Bergmann

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