I.N Official introduces us to ‘The New World Order’ – The glory of Africa through her fashion

‘The New World Order ‘19’ fashion film for I.N Official has Creative Director Ifeanyi Nwune’s mother at heart as the “New World Order Instructions” is narrated by her. He explains “I had my mother record the ‘New World Order Instructions’ in her natural voice to keep the traditional stern African mum effect. From time, it’s believed that African mothers have the most influence in the home.” The video was created as a reflection of fashion moments in Lagos, Nigeria and shot by “epic teen video director Chukwuka Nwobi”.

The foundation for I.N Official was lay after Ifeanyi’s first year in 2012. “I wanted to dress my clients at the time with ‘cool clothes’ but they were either they were over-priced or nowhere to be found in Africa. I slowly started recreating some pieces I saw on tumblr at the time, which transcended to creating a whole African inspired fashion line with imperial aesthetic”. Launched in 2015 the brand has conceptualized and realized 9 collections and over 100 designs.

The ethos of I.N Official is “to change the perspective the world has of Africa by projecting her glory through entertainment, media and technology while creating value for her people.” Design and pattern take their influence from African silhouettes that amalgamate with exceptional vintage English and Asian fashion aesthetics. I.N Official is a brand for those who “epitomize effortless confidence and attitude.”

“The fashion film expresses the concept behind the New World Order collection. Emphasizing on the Glory and strength of an African while embracing individuality.”


Director: Chukwuka Nwobi

Producer: Ifeanyi Nwune

Models: Alani Adenle

Idowu Allison

Erezi Ebulu

Precious John 

Toyosi Diya

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