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IAMISIGO SS22 | Embracing natural and synthetic material

I am everywhere and nowhere, I am everything and nothing, I am disposable but
never disposed off, I am always and will continue to be Omnipresent

Who and what am I?

Am I too much, am I too little, am I enough,
What we do know is, I am present.
I am from decay of old and have nowhere to go,
I am from ages of old and I still grow,
I am always and will forever be present.
I am here, there and nowhere.


Designers and manufacturers have to rethink the way clothing is made and develop new materials, natural or synthetic.

This is the sentiment that pervades the present fashion landscape and appears to be widely accepted as a game changing solution in the fight for sustainability.

Hard work and thorough study are required; vigorous commitment is needed and after reviewing IAMISIGO’s SS22 collection and reflecting on the brand’s values, I get the impression that this was the next natural step for the brand.

Founded by Bubu Ogisi in 2009, the design house IAMISIGO has brought both the worlds of synthetic and natural together — using the fastest growing plants and one of the first plants to be spun into usable fibre about 50,000 years ago — hemp and botanical class of Cannabis sativa.

Today’s fashion is obsessed with external look and image. As consumers, we rarely think about what’s on the inside: the hundreds of thousands of fibers that make up our clothing, resulting in an estimated 1.4 million trillion micro plastic fibers in the ocean.

IAMISIGO imagines that the only way to save ourselves and our world is to synchronise both worlds of the natural and synthetic, with the body serving as the ultimate canvas.

Plastic, like natural to synthetic, has been a rebellious, ever-present fibre that haunts our current existence via its broad variety of adaptability, durability, and flexibility. Plastic is undoubtedly the most used material on our globe.

“This collection was made for the future, a future of the past, where the freethinking continent of Africa, a truly decolonized world, embraces and finds the balance between the natural and synthetic worlds”, the brand comments. 

In conjunction with Agraloop, IAMISIGO experimented with hemp fibers in handwoven pieces interlaced with cotton and silk. To create a contrasting universe of thinking, hand crocheted and patched recyclable plastic were also used.

These works are a multidimensional collection of fantasies and ideas that is both ludicrous and captivating.

Intention is what makes this collection equally riveting.

Here you will find fashion, permanency, fluidity, and displacement to help you connect and blend with our present post-genetic species’ universal identity.


Creative Direction: Bubu Ogisi

Photography/Cinematography: Nuits Balneaires 

Edit: Femi Johnson

Voice: Tobi Onabolu

Model: Roland Traore

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