“Love the Progress” by Converse is here to remind you of your personal female power

Recognized as a brand for self-actualization across cultures the world over Converse has seen many interpretations of its iconic sneakers. Their latest campaign “Love the Progress” sees women define what it means to be female brought to light with powerful young females: actress and activist, Millie Bobby Brown, the first hijab ballerina, Stephanie Kurlow, self-defence instructor, Qin Yunquan, nonconformist musician, Naomi Preizler and tech expert, Kasia Gola to name a few. Each female mentioned expressed their own definition by hand on the canvas upper of the Converse Chuck 70.

“Love the Progress” takes its inspiration from women of both the past and present and passes on the power of womxnhood to the next generation. A collection characterised by feminine design it still maintains an edginess and features text-based messages as well as meaningful colourways as a way of encouraging women to define who they are on their own terms. Converse has acted as a vehicle for its wearers to share their stories, express identity and celebrate their cause. “Love the Progress” was inspired by unity, community and the power of love crafted by the female footwear designers of Converse.

“All The Stories Are True” takes its influence from “Love the Progress” an offering which allowed females across the globe to define gender in their own words. “All The Stories Are True” became a space for the expression of remarkable narratives of girls of all ages making their mark. These females define what it means to be a girl in a personal way speaking to personal and collective power and inspiring other girls to express what being a girl means to them.

The “Love the Progress” campaign becomes more than a subtle reminder that fighting gender-based inequality is a collective cause that all womxn and humxn beings should share. By creating designs by women, for women, expressed and interpreted by women Converse reminds each womxn out there that we define who and what we are and that we hold the power to do whatever we put our minds and hearts to. Own your female power and express your unique femininity with the new “Love the Progress” release.

The tagline “Keep Loving, Keep Fighting” is a reminder that through sharing love and continuing the fight for equality love will overcome fear.

GIRL is to be human

– Naomi Preizler, Nonconformist Musician: Argentina

With soft premium leather and bold graphic statements featured on the rubber taping of the sneaker the collection will be available to purchase at Converse stores and selected retailers.

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