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OUR LEGACY Workshop | disrupting retail

OUR LEGACY is an independent fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2005 by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén. Known for applying custom developed fabrics on signature shapes, OUR LEGACY has amassed a devoted following over the years establishing the role of a cult brand. The collections include men’s and women’s ready-to-wear — defined by a progressive exploration of seasonal themes through an intricate attention to detail and repurposing of materials. OUR LEGACY exists in the junction between familiar and irregular, with reworked yet recognisable silhouettes across recurring sub-categories. OUR LEGACY responds contrarily to the mechanism of perpetuated trends; instead opting to carve its own individual presence as a brand that focuses wholly on the refined construction of wearable collections therefore speaking to an audience that curates their wardrobe with consideration and effortlessness in mind. Evermore dedicated to strengthening its cult-like following, their offering has extended to the workshop concept, defined by its commitment to upcycling, recycling and collaborations with other value aligned brands. 

Their Workshop atelier deconstructs and re-constructs pieces — to be born totally unique — while employing the use of their archived fabrics, or even dead-stock fabrics that might otherwise be discarded. Unafraid to challenge the boundaries of our collective obsession with “newness”, Workshop lends itself to mastering it’s production beyond the limitations of traditional expectations. Having collaborated with Stüssy and most recently Satisfy athletic apparel, The Workshop centres this methodology of collaboration as part of its ethos. As a hub for innovation, it proposes a space for other brands to join in on the experimentation; with environmental awareness and aesthetics underpinning the design process. The Satisfy capsule merges the world of upcycling with futuristic fabric technology; showing the two aspects need not be mutually exclusive but can be woven together to mark a new frontier in cultivating a mindful and functional sartorial consciousness encompassed by a Swedish design approach – namely, minimalism. This dedication to reasserting a retail space that holds the value of craftsmanship, is a showcase to its followers; including them in the process of understanding garment construction and the OUR LEGACY brand DNA.

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