Prophere II, ‘OUR TURF’ lookbook - Photography by  - Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Photography by Gabrielle Kannemeyer

Prophere II, ‘OUR TURF’ lookbook

adidas Originals have released a brand-new silhouette for 2018, the second drop of Prophere. To support its launch adidas Originals commissioned art director, photographer and stylist, Gabrielle Kannemeyer to create a lookbook.

Gabrielle captured some of her friends and collaborators who are multidisciplinary practitioners. The lookbook features Da Da Shiva, Luh’ra, Siya Andi Biyela, Chester Martinez and Tatenda Wekwatenzi; individuals that resonate with the fierceness of the Prophere silhouette and message.

Gabrielle wanted to take photographs in a town where she grew up feeling quite isolated. Set in areas from Killarney Gardens to Somerset West, the aim for the shoot was the disruption of suburbia. Flames and colourful smoke took over as they navigated these spaces and made them, “our turf”.

“Our Turf is a mindset we take with us wherever we go – a space that enables us to be 100% unapologetic about being who we are. A new generation is at the helm of a march into the future, our turf is boundless and infinite – anything we imagine to be, is.”

Shoot Credits

Da Da Shiva
Siya Andi Biyela
Tatenda Wekwatenza
Chester Matinez
Zakkiyya Abdurahman

Produced by Melite Vivier
Photography, casting and styling by Gabrielle Kannemeyer
Photographic and fashion assistant – Yonela Makoba
Make up by Neveen Scello

Special thank you to Eddie Shamba for security, Doug from Stunt SA and Kofi Lartey for fire breathing.










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