Collage by Lex Trickett

The Outfitters is reimagined as young mavericks adopt the streetwear staples and give it gender fluidity.

The Outfitters, a men’s fashion museum, is an urban institution for urban workers, a cultural and historical nexus dating back to Johannesburg in the 1920’s. A staple of the CBD, and originally run by Indian tailors, the aesthetic from these boutiques became ingrained in urban culture and observable throughout the country’s towns and cities. The influence of street cultures, in the form of pantsula and skate style see the outfitters aesthetic into the millenium as it gets reimagined by the young and urban from Tiisetso Molobi founder and creative director of Urban Mosadi to Boyzn Bucks crew member Mkay Frash, Kabelo Kungwane & Wanda Lephoto from the Sartists creative collective, Anees Petersen founder and creative director of Young & Lazy and Corner Store’s Kalo Canterbury. These fashion forward are featured below, in the denim dungarees, checkered shirts and khaki’s that have been the uniform of urban workers for decades transcending ethnicities and even gender.


Kalo Canterbury a.k.a Kdollahz


Anees Petersen of Young and Lazy


Kabelo Kungwane of The Sartists


Mkay Frash of the BoyznBucks


Tiisetso Molobi of Urban Mosadi and Laura Windvogel



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