You will be rewarded, 2014 by
You will be rewarded, 2014 by Kasia Fudakowski

Interpreting Objects as Identities

A prawn shell ripped apart with the soft, tender innards swept clean. Suspended from a hook fastened to a ceiling. This serves as a description of Kasia Fudakowski’s ‘Are you eating well?’. A piece that best encapsulates the satirical tone of the artist that flows throughout her work.

Born in London in 1985 she is currently living and working in Berlin. Her sculptural work feeds an autonomous viewpoint of artistic production within a social context.

Sculptures meet at the point between what can be considered figurative and abstract. With performances and video pieces that relate to her sculptural work they speak about the artist’s interest in the theory and philosophy of humour.

Are you eating well?, 2016

Kasia pin points in her work the strained relationship between artist and spectator, the abrupt, theatricality, and representational ideas. In addition to this she captivates her viewers with the interpretation of objects as identities.

Fascinated by the critical potential of humour, Kasia regards it as commentary on human failure. Relating this notion onto social systems; it is a critical feature of her work.

Having exhibited her work at 1646, The Hague; Arnolfini, Bristol; Kunstverein Braunschweig; Modern Art Oxford; Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego; GAK, Bremen; FUTURA, Prague; and Harburger Bahnhof Kunstverein, Hamburg it can be esteemed that Kasia’s work is in high demand.

lower your ambitions, 2015

Kasia’s a-typicality and devotion to the use of humour as a form of critique on society is not only refreshing but innovative. Humour is for the most part never regarded as something to be taken seriously. Kasia however, takes this connotation that has been forced upon it and subverts its meaning. This critical potential is evoked with punchy titles that tell you exactly how she views things as can easily be seen when looking at ‘Are you eating Well?’ –  commentary on the luxury, greed and wastefulness that the bourgeoisie exhibit one can assume.

You can discover more of Kasia’s work here:

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