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Photography by Zander Opperman


I spoke to Creative Director at MARIANNE FASSLER Lezanne Viviers about their #FASSLERFABULOUS AW17 collection.

Tell our readers about the thinking behind this collection.

The #FASSLERFABULOUS AW17 collection is a celebration of this Iconic brand, which is MARIANNE FASSLER and it’s 40 years of existence. #HANDSON and #CRAFTISSTILLTHENEWLUXURY are both adjectives to describe the master craftsmanship of this collection, but also the ethos of the MARIANNE FASSLER brand. Plenty of pattern, patterns disrupted, textures, Hand-beading, Hand-craft, Hand-embroidered, Hand-made, Hand-cut, Hand-dyed etc. These are the skills that make up the Brand and the focus of our AW17 #FASSLERFABULOUS collection.

Tell our readers about the styling for this lookbook.

A continuation of the #ARTANDBLING editorial, Lezanne Viviers further explores what’s concealed and what’s revealed through social media, this time incorporating a mirror. The mirror reflects and enhances imagery but obscures the true source of the reflection.

The mirror metaphor suggest that media and its contents are merely a reflection of reality and forces one to have a critical view of oneself, in the form of introspection.

Who is the MARIANNE FASSLER girl and where is she going? A question we definitely have the answers to.

Armand Dicker, together with the MARIANNE FASSLER team, styled these shots with a ‘more-is-more’ approach, very Fassler. The central focus is placed on the craftsmanship, textures, color, pattern disruption and off coarse the independent attitude of the MARIANNE FASSLER women.

Tell our readers about the launch of this collection hosted a few weeks ago.

#FASSLERFABULOUS launched @LEOPARDFROCK and in true MARIANNE FASSLER style, it took shape in the form of a party at the studio. Guest were encouraged to find their #FF amongst 500 helium balloons. The launch focused on the FASSLER experience and invited guests into the studio and the new archival space, to see how and where the magic happens.

Tell our readers about the direction the brand is going in 2017.

‘MARIANNE FASSLER’s career highlight is her next show,’ -Marianne Fassler.

For 2017 our focus is on our client, giving them more of MARIANNE FASSLER with an even bigger focus on craftsmanship. #CRAFTISSTILLTHENEWLUXURY








Photographer: Zander Opperman
Art Direction: Lezanne Viviers
Styling: Armand Dicker
Assistant: DaisieJo Grobler

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