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Amirah Tajdin directs a dreamy new bedouin music video

Global nomad (and sometimes South African resident) Amirah Tajdin has directed this oh-so dreamy new video for the London based, Dubai/Bahrain raised psych rock band Flamingods. In characteristic Amirah style, the video brings together hybrid cultural cues with an impeccable aesthetic sensibility. Amirah is strongly influenced by music, and lyrics and melodies often inspire the mood and images in her work. Directing a music video then was a welcomed and natural progression for her.

The video chronicles the journey of a Sudanese disco bedouin who dances his way through deserts, streets, and finally onto the dance floor. “I worked around the lyrics and title of the track and how they evoked my feelings of Dubai at the time”, Amirah says. “He moves to his own waves, smokes at his own pace and floats through his neon tinged city world – in a way he’s his own ‘Majesty’.”

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