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betina quest is on a mission to heal souls

Treasure will always ignite the inner-longing of unfulfilled desires. This makes the quest for treasure all so important, creating a drive within one’s heart that’s capable of doing anything and everything to get that glory. But when glory means sharing love from the perspective of a black femme which does not comprise an exclusivity but echo’s the universal intangible language of love that manages to exhibit joy, growth, integrity and soul. The reward is honest and wholesome, providing a peace of mind that artist betina quest stays on the hunt for.

Her bio gives us insight to her being a well-travelled person which has informally moulded her into being the artist she is, as every experience came with its own environment, making her self-reflect through the parallels between her and the compendium of places she grew up in. Originally from Burundi, her cultural intelligence silhouettes her artistic virtue to the importance of culture and identity as a means to procure healing within the individual and communities abroad.

She fuses her music with initiative. abantu+ is a space for growth that allows up and coming musical creatives to learn how to better their craft through workshops and important tangibles such as rehearsal space, studio time, hiring of equipment and an occasional showcasing of the artists.

Her music is a personal yet enlightening mix of soul, hip hop, afro folk, electro and spoken word mostly written and produced by herself. Her lyrics question society’s differences, unpacking the core of conflict amongst people. It also taps into reclaiming power and love for self, allowing an optimistic transformation to occur for the prospect of healing, especially for the black female body with songs like “Mama Africa” part 1-3 and “hope is still alive”.

Her passion and resilience for people is apparent in the helping hand she stretches to the ones undiscovered and also in the motivating subjects in her music making her quest never ending.

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