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Future Nostalgia Cut Deep with Deep Cuts

DJing on vinyl has always been a commitment. What you can play has always been determined by what you can carry, although the innovative can make magic with only a handful of records. While most modern DJs carry thousands of songs in their pocket and even download tracks on their laptops as they’re playing, with a vinyl DJ, you dance with who ya brung. Restriction breeds creativity though, and throughout history, some of the most exciting and interesting DJ sets have been spun on turntables. Since 2013, Future Nostalgia, a “vinyl listening collective” based in Cape Town, has been dropping the needle into the groove to show you that the culture is still alive and well in South Africa. 

While vinyl DJs may be restricted by the number of records they can bring to a gig, with Future Nostalgia, you’ll be trying to Shazaam everything because there is no restriction on the diversity of sounds you’ll hear. From dub, to hip-hop, to afrobeat, to maskandi, to literally everything in between, the Future Nostalgia selectors and collectors have deep cuts, B-sides, and covers in a variety of languages from all over the world. Listening to their mixes, I actually found where some of my favourite tracks were sampled from, which is always a fun treat and makes me think the selector has a deep understanding of music history. Listening to the Future Nostalgia mixes on mixcloud, it becomes apparent very quickly that these are music LOVERS who have a burning passion for finding and sharing rare treasures alongside underground hits and classics.

I recommend getting started with their set from the 2018 Cape Town Electronic Music Festival. It’s probably the most accessible to everyone and if you dig it, then you can start delving into the rest of their mix catalogue. Some of them are definitely a bit weirder than others, but you’re reading Bubblegum Club, so I’m gonna assume you like weird. 

Check out Future Nostalgia’s mixcloud page for a treasure chest of dope mixes and if you’d like to hit up one of their live events, keep up to date with them on Facebook.

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