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Motions of Soul with Red Robyn

The electronic escapade Red Robyn sends you on is everlasting. She accompanies the synthesis with heartfelt relative lyricism that’s transported through her soothing soul and glowing vocal tones her voice creates, making everything she touches pure Ruby. Her ruby glimmer radiates evermore with the release of her debut music video, “The Pits”.

Growing up in the Durban town of Wentworth she spent her passionate moments singing in the church choir, making the connection to the soul in her voice and its heavenly texture evident. Steering her passion towards academia, she went on to study drama and music at UKZN. Being a master of her craft she uses her musical abilities to continue mastering herself as she deals with self-reflective topics that reshape the listener’s perspective on cleansing, desires of romantic proximity and deeper connections you would have with a partner. These topics machine her innovative soul sound, providing an introspective yet pleasing listen as she selects moments to balance with jazz making her music a euphonious fixation.

A potent immersion encapsulates your mood as soft airy guitar riffs glide across your ears while seeing Red Robyn doing her hair at the hairdresser in complete innocence and poise at the beginning of her music video for the electronic ballad “The Pits”. The song communicates hope, pain and self-expression as she tries to re-position herself from a break up to move on and look forward with love.

The beginning of the video sees her transforming via the action of her hair styling to walking on train tracks with this aerodynamic mane of fully fleshed blonde hair. She walks looking like the transformation of her hair, informed by introspection, has led her to be on a mission to a clearer path to start anew.

The tracking shot iterates motion and the art direction of the train tracks motion to a trail that she is exploring to transport her from the painful space her breakup created to a place of tranquil comfort.

The shot of her face as she closes her eyes acts as a teleporter to the next sequence where she’s in this neon midnight escape, and plays with the idea of her finding solitude, peace and life within her music.  We are transported back to the day time scene where she opens her eyes we see that the place she was searching for was in herself.

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