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Image from Facebook page of Nodiggity

Nodiggity are Audio Visual Curators for the Lovers

If you are a hater, Nodiggity are not for you. For real, if you have hate in your heart, don’t even bother reading further and most certainly don’t click their mixcloud link because, in their own words, “Nodiggity is for the lovers, by the lovers”.

This dope duo of audio and visual curators from Cape Town consists of two talented womxn who are making their mark through djing, design and whatever mediums and platforms that are available to them (I mean, they have T-shirts called NodiggiTees available on Insta). They’re pro-femme, pro-queer, pro-POC and very pro creating and curating spaces for femme, queer, people of colour to get the fuck down in comfort and style as a way to subvert the traditional Cape Town nightlife experience.

Listening to them talk on ‘The Cooking Question’ podcast, I actually feel pangs of jealousy because I realise that I’ll never be as effortlessly cool or comfortable with myself as these 2 femxles. While they’ve only really known each other for just over a year or so (after Jordan slid in Nickita’s DMs after her performance at Mother City Live Festival in 2016), they have the rapport of life long besties. I actually highly recommend listening to the podcast to really get a feel for who is behind the audio and visual delights.

In terms of the audio delights, Nodiggity have put out a few sick mixes on their mixcloud and soundcloud pages which show off their immaculate taste in music. They describe their djing style as a “House, gqom, jazz and jazz hop – same Whatsapp group”, which is pretty accurate although I’d add soul and R&B in there too. House tends to be the base they work off of but they don’t shy away from the snares of hip-hop and gqom, and the jazz influence often shines through with a love of keys. They mix the classics over new school beats. They mix new school vocals over old school beats which makes their mixes sound timeless but, at the same time, incredibly current. Give their latest mix a listen below then go catch them live at a venue near you.

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