Bob Perfect / music / 1 year ago

The Lessons Musicians Can Learn From Muzi


If you’re a South African musician, there’s quite a bit that you can learn from Muzi. The charismatic producer from Empangeni seems to have ...

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2016 – The Year in Dread


The dominant theme in the innumerable ‘best of 2016’ lists is disappointment, failure and despair. A year categorised by the rise of the Far...

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At The Drive-In: Back for The Chaos


I feel an intensely personal connection with the mighty Texan punk band At The Drive- In. Let’s go back through the fog shrouded mists of ti...

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Beth Vale / music / 1 year ago

Techno in the City: the story of TOYTOY


Run your finger through the history of techno and you will eventually come to the source: Belleville, Detroit in the mid-1980s. It was here ...

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Bateleur- First And Final


The Bateleur eagle is a ubiquitous traveler above African skies. Its name is French for street performer, referring to how its wings bob and...

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The Weeknd- Depravity Market


The career trajectory of The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfaye is almost unbelievable. Just five years ago he was a fairly mysterious Canadian singer ...

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Ian McNair / music / 1 year ago

Muse Festival: Crossing the Great Divides of Cape Town’s Fractured Underground


Cape Town has hope on the horizon. A city well known for its social segregation and physically apparent apartheid-born economic divides has ...

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Wildnernessking- Mystical Darkness


Since the genre first screamed to life from the frozen wastelands of Norway in the early 90s, black metal has accrued a number of stereotype...

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Run The Jewels – Life during Wartime


A lot of 2016 releases have been underpinned by a sense of profound dread, of something terrible slouching its way into reality. The cosmic ...

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Jamal Nxedlana / music / 1 year ago

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 8 by Hlasko


Just over a month ago we featured Hlasko on the cover of Bubblegum Club. He described music as “a calling” and even a process of divination....

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FAKA – Speaking With the Gods


Faka, the dynamic duo of Desire Marea and Fela Gucci, are proudly representing black and queer creativity with potent sound and vision. Alon...

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Ghost Writer / music / 1 year ago

DJ Okapi and Afrosynth Records; Recovering the origins of electronic music in South Africa


DJ Okapi’s Afrosynth Records, possibly the only record store in the country specialising in South African and African music, recently opened...

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