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The warm crackle of vinyl on Wax Trades

Likhona Camane is a Cape Town based record collector and producer who releases music under the moniker seventhgaze. Founder of the creative collective and label Lilies, he aims to give a platform to independent musicians on which they can show more than a singular aspect of themselves, with Lilies Radio allowing them to broadcast mixes or podcasts. Lilies Radio’s first show is Wax Trades, a monthly, strictly vinyl based show hosted by seventhgaze.

The idea for Wax Trades sprang to life at the beginning of the 2016 when he was talking to fellow record collector and producer Fernando about their mutual love for collecting. “I really wanted to do more than just release my own music. I wanted to start doing mixes and stuff like that also. My record collection was growing so I thought might as well try,” explains seventhgaze.

Having caught the collecting bug at 16 when his mother gave him a record player for his birthday with a copy of Mumford and Sons’ “Babel” his first purchase, seventhgaze only plays vinyl on his show because it is a more accurate reflection of what he is listening to and drawing inspiration from. “When I’m buying vinyl I’m more specific because I’m spending more money on the music itself”.

He still sources most of his vinyl the old-fashioned way, visiting stores such as Voom-voom Vintage in Observatory, Mabu Vinyl in Cape Town and the vinyl bins of second hand stores. Travel also helped bolster his collection. “I was lucky enough to travel overseas and I collected some records over there.”

His shows are never genre specific but curated around a certain mood. “I try and see where people from different genres try and keep that mood going.” Spanning time and genres, the show is an insight into the music that inspires and moves seventhgaze.

For 2018 seventhgaze is looking to bring in some guests to the show. “We’re living in a time where labels are reissuing older records that weren’t heard before. So I want to try and bring people like that onto the show. So more people can hear what’s being made and what was made before.”

Follow Lilies Radio on Mixcloud to keep up to date with the Wax Trades podcast and the latest additions to seventhgaze’s record collection.

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