What’s the word? The Word Is Uhh

Cape Town’s Quit Safari is a record label run by the musicians it releases. Driven by a DIY attitude everything from mixing and mastering to artwork and music videos is created in house. Featuring artists leading the charge in Cape Town’s forward thinking, experimental electronic scene their roster includes the likes of Christian Tiger School, Hessien+, Fever Trails and Damascvs.

Quit Safari’s latest release are two singles from Cape Town rap group The Word is Uhh. Comprised of Damascvs and Jon Laura, both originally from Durban, the tracks ‘Hominid’ and ‘White BMW’ are the first offerings from the duo. With moody beats provided by Damascvs their tracks are, in true classic hip hop fashion, full of loose samples and fat synths. ‘White BMW’ is the more laid back of the two, featuring a rolling bassline and cuts of guitar chords. ‘Hominid’ gets you bouncing with a fat bass and playful drums backing the track and chopped up vocal “ooh’s” filling out the top end.

With both Damascvs and Jon Laura rapping, their unique, laidback flows complement each other perfectly. Jon Laura, whose characteristic baritone drawl was first featured in the rap group Oh! Dark Arrow, fills the tracks with a touch of humour thanks to his witty wordplay. On the other end of the spectrum sits Damascvs whose subversive, thoughtful rhymes play the perfect counterpoint to Jon Laura.

Touching on love, food, disconnection and the party, The Word is Uhh are exploring and documenting an as yet unarticulated experience. In their own words it is “jiggy music for the introvert, runway jams for skaters and a spiritual moment for sports fans”. And judging by their singles their debut album ‘Grosvenor Beach’, which will be released on the 1st of October, will be the perfect soundtrack to kick-start the summer.


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