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Bubblegum Invites: makeup artists

The scope of our imaginations and our ability to translate that into raw, inspiring creativity is one of our abundantly giving capabilities as humans. From music to painting, poetry, and dancing, our artistic expression finds shape through many forms, some of which even live on or adorn our bodies. Makeup is one such form of creative self-expression, innately bound to our bodies and to subjective ideas around beautifying — giving us the opportunity to transform our faces into colourful canvases that tell the world something about who we are. As we celebrate makeup as one of the most intimate and engaging forms of artistry, we invite the visionaries behind the iconic facebeats to apply for our next Bubblegum Invites open-call for makeup artists. With 2021 ushering in our 5th birthday, we want to focus on supporting the individuals and creative communities who have made this milestone possible for us, so with that said, Bubblegum Invites is one such initiative. Our previous Bubblegum Invites open calls were directed specifically towards photographers and stylists, and now this month, we are switching it up with an open-call to the Picassos working with blush and eyeliner. The selected Bubblegum Invites applicant will receive a portfolio photoshoot, an editorial shoot at our studio, post-production support, and will have their content featured across all of our platforms — a prize worth ZAR 20 000. As we use this month to highlight the amazing community of online content creators with our May cover feature, Miss a million | TikTok’s new age of influencers, we found it fitting to have the application process for this month’s Bubblegum Invites be social media-oriented too!

This time, we invite would-be applicants to participate in the #BubblegumBeats challenge; an open-call going live today, 17 May. To participate in the challenge, applicants need to create:

  • A 30-second video showing us their makeup interpretations of the song “Teleported” by OKZharp and Manthe Ribane, specifically the first 30 seconds of the song, linked here.
  • The 30-second video needs to be shared on a minimum of two social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram or TikTok.
  • Remember to tag us on @Bubblegumclubbb on Instagram and Twitter @Bubblegumclub on TikTok when posting.

As a guide, we created an example of the type of video we are looking for here.

Bubblegum Invites is our initiative started this year and established with the specific intent of supporting our creative networks and communities by opening up access to our studio space and equipment. Our country’s creative scene is a burgeoning sector of potential, however, ebbing structural and systemic conditions still have an impact on the present realities including which individuals have the economic by-in and access to make art, thus turning their ideas into reality. Once a month, each month, we will be inviting Joburg based creatives to use our studio space and equipment in bringing their ideas and projects to life, along with the opportunity of having said work published on Bubblegum Club! From creative directors to make-up artists, photographers, stylists and more — if you’ve got the sauce then we have the space!

Application Deadline: Extended to 31 May 2021