Vacancy | Video Editor - Bubblegum Club

Vacancy | Video Editor

Bubblegum Club is looking for a junior to mid level video editor to join our team in June 2022. The position will be permanent and will require the successful candidate to work from our office in Braamfontein, Johannesburg.

We are looking for a versatile editor who possesses both the technical skills and the aesthetic sensibility required to create edits that align with the Bubblegum Club brand.

In this role, you will work across our publishing and studio divisions producing both short and long form content including artist profiles, event recaps, conversations, music videos and documentaries. Additionally, you will assist in creating social media specific visual content to be shared regularly.

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 2 years of video editing experience or have edited at least 50 videos in the past, as well as be proficient in working with the Adobe Suite.

Application deadline: 20 May 2022

Bubblegum Club is a groundbreaking South African magazine and agency dedicated both to seeking out cutting edge creators and independent artists as well as providing exposure to emerging artists or collectives. Its role as a platform is multifaceted – while showcasing innovative new work – Bubblegum Club also functions as a space to nurture future trends.

This self described “cultural intelligence agency” is all about presenting a unique perspective on the people and production defining the country’s youth culture, offering an alternative to the dominant narratives limiting perceptions around South African art, and society more broadly.

Among their initiatives designed to help emerging artists is their scheme, Bubblegum Invites. This residency programme provides a series of chosen image-makers access to facilities and studio space, as well as publishing their work in the magazine. Their physical space, Bubblegum Gallery, is a multifaceted site in Johannesburg with a focus on offering developing artists the opportunity to exhibit work, while also allowing them access to a supportive infrastructure connecting them with the art market.

The coming year also sees Bubblegum Club founders planning a series of physical and online workshops giving advice to the next generation hoping to access a career in the creative industries.

Having already achieved so much in the five years they’ve been running, the scope of Bubblegum Club’s future influence on South African creative youth culture, too, promises to be extraordinary. 

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Text by: Emily Dinsdale