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Photographer Viola Di Sante // terrifying stillness and delicate female figures

Young photographer Viola Di Sante unconsciously channels the creative energy of photographer David Uzochukwu, pop art artist David Hockney and photographer Viviane Sassen‘s use of shadows and twisted bodies with her own images. She explains that her desire to use photography as a medium came from a need to preserve moments, forcing herself to see in photographs.

Despite the presence of bright colours in her photographs, there is a hazy gloom that seems to haunt her images. This results in a terrifying stillness, not reflecting a moment captured, but an emotion sitting on the heart. An image of a young women floating in a lake amongst reeds is reminiscent of Impressionist painter Monet’s The Water Lilies – Setting Sun. However, the muted colours and texture from her film camera present the image as a dream or a lost memory.

A photograph of white poolside recliners brings to mind David Hockney’s painting A Bigger Splash. However, her work puts forward an eerie atmosphere that brings one to imagine a quiet, subtle breeze surrounding feelings of abandonment.

Although her work can be interpreted as presenting a creepy stillness, there is a vein of feminine touches that pumps life into Di Sante’s photographs. This comes across in the delicate occurrences of flowers, female figures and clouds.

This year she took part in the 30 Under 30 / Women Photographers exhibition at The Popping Club in Rome.

To check out her Tumblr to have a look at more of her work.

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