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Recovered Files – Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Recovered Files is a series where we share throwback footage of creatives and their work. This gives the opportunity to see these creatives at a point in their lives and make connections to how their work has evolved technically and conceptually. As a continuation of a collaboration between Bubblegum Club co-founders Jamal Nxedlana and Lex Trickett, the recovering of footage they thought was lost speaks to themes on the overloading and crashing of technology. This series reflects that through its filtered and glitchy aesthetic.

In this episode of Recovered Files we feature Bogosi Sekhukhuni and the show he put together for his graduation. Here we see the beginning of his interest in the connection between biology and technology through genetics, as well as his reflections on being a black man in South Africa. With Bogosi having his first solo exhibition titled Simunye Summit 2010 at the Stevenson in Johannesburg on the 2nd of February, this episode offers an opportunity to see him come full circle. His new work critically examines South Africa’s history and the imaginary of the rainbow nation through the creation of a parallel world, cosmic references and playing with temporal realities.

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