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SELFI Flagship Store // a natural sanctuary

Since the inception of Celeste Arendse’s fashion brand, SELFI, inspiration has lived in the wells of her being and each garment is testament to the childlike process of releasing inner self expression. This approach has catapulted SELFI into the top-tier of local fashion heavyweights and the firm grab of an international market. With SELFI evidently having a global consciousness, Celeste longed for a space where her brand could extend its expression. Much sooner than expected, SELFI organically moved into its flagship store, a space that allows the brand to breathe and take various forms of Celeste’s self expression.

Located in Cape Town, the idea was for SELFI’s flagship store to be a concept store that houses products that resonate with the brand and are also some of Celeste’s favourite things. You can find accessory brands like Githan Coopoo, who creates wonderfully shaped ceramic earrings, and Lorne, who creates titillating metallic pieces of jewellery. Ceramic homeware pieces from Dayfeels with illustrations that also resonate with SELFI’s aesthetic can be found at the store, plus body products and books. Obviously SELFI products can be found in the curated store. “It’s just an amalgamation of my brand and things that I love”, Celeste explained.

The use of natural materials is at the heart of SELFI and throughout the store Celeste uses a duality of materials such as concrete, rock, marble and a cornucopia of plants. “You are in something natural but you are in a building…the sort of gentleness of plants and hardness of rocks…and we burn incense every day. There are elements of just being in a space that is a sanctuary.”

SELFI’s flagship store is curated to perfection. Throughout the year, Celeste will be nourishing the brands aesthetic by representing parts of herself that are sure to resonate deeply.  Be sure to experience the flagship store and find new collaborative collections and unique timeless pieces when in Cape Town at Shop 3, 199 Loop Street.

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