The B Word’s ‘Ladies’ Room’ – The Fun in Feminism

Through our work, we aim to create a safe space to be yourself, start conversations, learn from one another and grow together. That and have a whole lot of fun!

The creative studio and digital content creation platform, The B Word founded by Bokang Lehlokoe is interested in unpacking the human experience. Started as a personal blog in early 2016, the decision to move over to YouTubing came a year later. “We have produced a variety of content ranging from fun and light-hearted vlogs to several web series’ and most recently an entertainment topic show (The Ladies’ Room),” states Bokang.

Other series by The B Word include: The Beauty Project (South African womxn share their perspectives on beauty constructs); Man To Man (South African men discussing what masculinity means in modern times) and The Ladies’ Room (a web series set to build community among womxn).

The B Word currently functions as a dual effort between Bokang and Maxine Araujo who acts as official photographer and technical director on some of their projects. “Everything you see on the channel from visuals (video & photography), to editing, marketing and general administration is done between the two of us,” Bokang expresses. The Ladies’ Room features a number of womxn who become familiar faces. Both friends and fellow creatives, these womxn feature as the show’s main cast.

Asked about the show’s rollout, Bokang explains “The only scripted aspect of the show is the questions I ask the ladies and the challenge they are presented with, both of which are pre-written and prepared well before shoot days. The cast’s answers are completely spontaneous and off the cuff as the first time they hear them is in the moment when the camera is rolling.”

Episode 1 spoke to the difficulty of dating in your 20s sharing some unique insight on millennial romance dynamics while episode 2 looked into feminism and addresses such notions as, “Are Men really trash?”.

Episode 3, to be released soon, “is all about navigating adulthood and surviving your 20’s. It’s an honest discussion about a new chapter in our lives where we share things we felt we weren’t prepared for, lessons we’ve had to learn over the years, experiences as unemployed graduates and just navigating adulthood in general.”

The Ladies’ Room is a light hearted and fun look into topics that are relevant to young womxn today. The exciting thing about this platform is due to its relatable nature and refrain from using pompous jargon it is incredibly accessible and should be enjoyed by all. Yes, guys, feminism and ladies sharing can be a lot of fun. And yes, this show is funny as well as entertaining. I recommend adding this to your watch list.

Other important titbits include that The B Word has partnered with We Are Becoming (a women empowerment social initiative) in an event called Hey Sis! For this, The Ladies’ Room will be screened live and will include a Q&A sesh as well as music and spoken word performances in Pretoria towards the end of August. Follow The B Word on Instagram to keep up with more.

The next batch of episodes will be released in August in celebration of women’s month and we will be seeing some new faces joining the family. 

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