Photography by
Photography by Size Mbiza

Wonderverse (e) // an experimental fashion film

Greeted by the camera panning a rock facade towards the face of a man looking directly at you, chin up. The subtle beat of the music massaging your eardrums while his proud eyes hold your gaze. Engulfed in a computer screen framed cosmos that allows you to experience the polysemous nature of wonder, to be curious and to marvel, all at once. Wonderverse (e).

In an interview with the art director for the experimental fashion film, Size Mbiza, he explained that the idea for the shoot was born during a conversation over lunch with the designer of DCCCLXIV, Julian Tamuka. “He was in the process of designing his debut collection and we were having a conversation about the duality between wisdom and wonder and how [this] is a sweet spot where ideas are born.” The two of them felt that presenting the collection in this short film would provide the framework for a well-rounded concept. “Luckily Neo Twala was more than interested in the capturing of the clothing, the garments and the relationship between the character and environment,” Size explained.

Following on from their initial conversation, the name Wonderverse (e) encapsulates their interpretation of wonder as the birthplace of ideas and greatness. “The (e) is a representation of everything. So it is the Wonderverse of everything,” Size continues. The character portrayed in the lookbook, (E)zra, lives in this fictional place, and this is where he realized his potential and greatness, hence his strong posture and the intense look in his eyes while confronting the viewer.

The location for the short film helps to build a life history for (E)zra. Taking place at a mine dump in the south of Johannesburg CBD, they are able to make a connection between the history of mining and Zama Zama miners in South Africa. “So the location fits in well with the narrative because Julian’s character has overcome great tragedies [and connects to] his forefather’s painful history,” Size explained.

Have a look at the film below, and be transported to Wonderverse (e).


Art direction: Size Mbiza

Styling: Didintle Ntshudisane

Makeup and hair: Didintle Ntshudisane

Photography: Size Mbiza

Cinematography: Neo Twala

Model: Julian Tamuka

Music: Badulah

Assistant: Miya Twala

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