Beth Vale / fashion / 11 months ago

“Street Dreams are made of Takkies”: Reflections on the Sneaker Exchange


In February of this year, the State of the Nation address aired on South African television. At the same time, the second season of Ayashisa...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 11 months ago

Lady Like – The fabrication of femininity


All round champion of juggling all things related to fashion styling, Melissa Maxted-Henderson teamed up with the talented photographer Bian...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 11 months ago

I.AM.ISIGO – Transcontinental Threads


Voluminous texture envelops feminine frames. A minimal design aesthetic applied to a soft palette reflective of an African landscape. Bare l...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 1 year ago

Adidas releases a unique multi-media content collaboration featuring local style tribes and digital artists


The forward-tilting trio of sleek bands, arch and encompass the iconic sneaker. A subtle zig-zag of a perforated edge is punctuated by strai...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 1 year ago

Who killed Steve Biko?: Siki Msuseni is asking the hard questions through fashion

who killed biko

Clothes are more than just a fashion statement. It is a testament to our ability of self-expression as well as a reflection of our ideas. Si...

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Beth Vale / fashion / 1 year ago

Submerge: Sculptural Surrealism and the SKEET Aesthetic

image 3

Neoprene, the material of wetsuits, prepares us for submersion. Slipping into neoprene means we are about to sink into an otherworldy place....

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 1 year ago

BubbleKoppe – Curating Digital Archives


Digital space is becoming an ever expanding archive. These platforms operate as constructed mechanisms of power that begin to shape collecti...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 1 year ago

Notion of Form // Constructing Platforms for Multi-Culturalism in a Global World

Notion of form

Swathes of rich honey melt into tones of sun yellow. Individuals representing divergent identities are sheathed together. The rich cloth, dr...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 1 year ago

Dr Pachanga: The tale of a ‘Modern day hustler’

4. WSNT Dr. Pachanga

So who is Dr Pachanga? He is a walking talking brand. In Spanish his name means “good times” and he has a PhD in giving them. Dr Pacha...

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Crayons – Street Colours


The word crayons conjures images of fun and free expression. Raees Saiet, the founder of the Crayons streetwear label has taken this to hear...

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Born Out of Boredom – Apathy and Glamour


People are more saturated with popular culture than ever before. Through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter we are constantly bombarded with th...

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Motlatsi / art&culture / 1 year ago

Sewing black history back on to the streets – in conversation with Nkuli Mlangeni, founder of The Ninevites.


The Ninevites was a resistance movement who scoured the South African frontier during the late 1900s. Having started the collective under Th...

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