Christa Dee / fashion / 10 months ago

Glitter Betty – fashion for the cheeky and playful

GB 1

Fashion label Glitter Betty from up-and-coming designer Khensani Mohlatlole exemplifies all things young and fun. Inspired by babes like Fel...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 10 months ago

Ouma, Africa and Embroidering the City – In Conversation with Daisie Jo Grobler


A palette of prints. Donned in military style and elegance. An army jacket paired with a sheer shade of scarlet. A cascading overlay. Femini...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 10 months ago

#ARTANDBLING – Existential Articulations in the Digital Domain


A rainbow visor: refracting, reflecting the gaze of the camera. Hues of animated pink fade into a deep navy. All interrupted by an unheard c...

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Luke Doman / fashion / 11 months ago

Tackling the Tracksuit: Youth95’s New Capsule Collection

Youth 95 - Spread 12

In the context of local streetwear, Youth95 is somewhat of an anomaly. With the rise of the local fashion celeb, having 'brand owner', 'desi...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 11 months ago

Ota express: The African renaissance for local business


There is a continuous need to redefine Africans and their continent. Whether it be such terms as the Afropolitan or ‘the New African’, they ...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 11 months ago

Amanda Laird Cherry – Stitching Cultural Narratives Through Cloth


“The fabrics and the cuts we wear tell us about our society” – Amanda Cherry A pleated cuff shudders under the folded forms of flesh. The i...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 11 months ago

Forlee Bean gets some So(u)l: Sol-Sol Menswear’s new collaboration


Sol-Sol Menswear, known for their quality men's basics, has welcomed 2017 with its capsule collection created in collaboration with Hong Kon...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 11 months ago

Jewellery that makes a wearable declaration of Art: An interview with the creator of Inkaturah designs


What’s most striking about the Inkaturah brand is its modern take on natural materials. I would first come into contact with this brand at M...

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Beth Vale / fashion / 11 months ago

Running with Gods: Daniel Ting Chong X Puma


It’s 8.30am on the 26th of December and I’m wondering the still-desolate mall at Cape Town’s VnA Waterfront. In one of the passageways, I co...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 12 months ago

Black existence is not just pain it’s the ultimate celebration of life: A review of the Mina Nawe portraiture series

Mina Nawe

What makes a good portrait? What has made this genre so important that it became its own discipline within the arts? It is a medium that pul...

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Beth Vale / fashion / 1 year ago

“Street Dreams are made of Takkies”: Reflections on the Sneaker Exchange


In February of this year, the State of the Nation address aired on South African television. At the same time, the second season of Ayashisa...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 1 year ago

Lady Like – The fabrication of femininity


All round champion of juggling all things related to fashion styling, Melissa Maxted-Henderson teamed up with the talented photographer Bian...

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