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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 20 hours ago

Ernesto Neto // Exploring Biomorphism and the Interconnectedness of the Natural World


Ere land and sea and the all-covering sky Were made, in the whole world the countenance Of nature was the same, all one, well named ...

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When considering points in a lifecycle of Goldendean there are many beginnings, but I imagine they exist in potentia on the mine-dumps of Jo...

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Luck MrEmpty shares on the art of graffiti


Street art is a diverse art movement, one that has grown in popularity as work being exhibited in the streets continue to develop in size, s...

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Indonesian-born Kanya Iwana breathes intrigue into imagery


Kanya Iwana is an Indonesian-born multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her spirited voice can be heard through her vivid and ether...

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Themba Kriger / music / 3 days ago

Keabruh&Jay.B want to normalise queer culture


Both hailing from Vosloorus in the East Rand, it was their mutual love of poetry that brought Keabruh and Jay.B together. Now residing in Jo...

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Lula Ososki / art&culture / 4 days ago

Discussing Fluidity–An Interview with Harris Reed and Lynette Reed


This is such an amazing opportunity to have two generations that are creatively and personally intertwined and, I suspect, interdependent. F...

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Deadly Bites Sink Their Teeth In


When I hear the name Deadly Bites, I imagine a lurid, D-grade exploitation movie from the 1970s or 1980s. It could be an Italian Zombie film...

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SMITH Studios Closes 2018 with ‘Rendezvous’

Nabeeha Mohamed, Almond Eyes, 2018, Oil on canvas, 38 x 30cm

SMITH Studios opened its summer exhibition Rendezvous on the 5th of December 2018 featuring work by 23 of the gallery’s artists of 2018. Ren...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 week ago

Follow the egg trail // Newwork 18


If you have spotted stickers with images of cracked eggs or seen people walking around Braamfontein with the same image printed on black and...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 1 week ago

Goldendean – Queer love, Queer dissidence and the undoing of whiteness


Much like gold itself, the spectacle of Goldendean challenges the arbitrary values we place on the normative body. Our gaze cannot help but ...

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