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Themba Kriger / music / 22 hours ago

Detroit’s Marcus Marcus is a poet not a rapper


Detroit-based artist Marcus Marcus doesn’t describe himself as a rapper. “I’d describe myself as a poet who has a fairly good ear for music,...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 day ago

(BUT) WHAT ARE YOU DOING ABOUT WHITE SUPREMACY? // an exhibition and programme reflecting on racial tension, representation and the Black experience


London-based, multidisciplinary art collective sorryyoufeeluncomfortable in collaboration with The Gallow Gate present the exhibition and pr...

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Puppy – Demons of the New School


The critical consensus on guitar rock in thelate-90s is that sensitive indie bands were overshadowed by bombastic nu-metal. Music writers lo...

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Meghan Daniels – The Photographer capturing honest emotion through the people closest to her

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.51.25 PM

Candid intimacy. Grit. Snapshots of personal memories. Longing. These are the descriptions that come to mind when looking at the photographi...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 days ago

Thulile Gamedze // a transdisciplinary approach to disrupting the coloniality within educational institutions


Thulile Gamedze is an artist and writer based in Cape Town, working towards a Masters in Philosophy. Her research and creative endeavors loo...

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‘Soft Shells’ – Creating Human Clothing Sculptures with Libby Oliver


A cocoon of carefully interwoven fabric. Shoes, scarves, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets – every item of clothing a person owns morphed to ma...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 4 days ago

GOOM // Pushing the boundaries of menswear


After starting off at Central Saint Martins studying womenswear print, GOOM designer Goom Heo reevaluated her position and felt the need to ...

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Sivan Miller – The Cape Town born photographer who reached the international frontier

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 18.46.04

Bodies inhabiting strong poses and near confrontational gazes. The sun creeping behind a model's head, low angles, lengthened bodies. Glare ...

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Rosa Elk / art&culture / 5 days ago

In Bed With Nico Athene – a consideration of the body and embodied labour as an aesthetic

Nico Athene In bed with

Nico Athene, artist-cum-former-stripper-cum-filmmaker is reminding us that the glass ceiling is far from broken. She represents a new genera...

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Ghost Writer / music / 1 week ago

Uncle Partytime converts the dance floor into a space of sonic transcendence


Uncle Partytime is a kid whose dj persona was born out of the scene in Braamfontein, allowing him to be plugged into the sonic shifts that h...

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