Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 1 week ago

Goldendean – Queer love, Queer dissidence and the undoing of whiteness


Much like gold itself, the spectacle of Goldendean challenges the arbitrary values we place on the normative body. Our gaze cannot help but ...

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Petite Noir- Black House Rising


“With this album, I’m saying ‘welcome to my house’". On call from London, Congolese born, SA raised Yannick Ilunga is describing the meaning...

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We are Data Mines 2.0


We live in a society of images, mediated through black screens. To be alive in 2018 is to be subjected to a barrage of visuals on computers,...

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Themba Kriger / Features / 4 months ago

Manteiga infuses Batuk with drama

batuk carla fonseca x Bubblegum Club Cover 2

With a Mozambican father, who always had his guitar on hand ready to play a song, and a South African mother, both with great storytelling a...

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Rifumo Mdaka / Features / 5 months ago

Turn Up The Volume and Queer The Dancefloor

Queer The Dancefloor Bubblegum Club Cover

A few years ago, I wrote about what I called the Somzification of the South African queer identity. The idea is premised on Chimamanda Ngozi...

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Gemma Hart / Features / 6 months ago

Future 76 // In dealing with the colonial wound


Coloniality describes the hidden process of erasure, devaluation, and disavowing of certain human beings, ways of thinking, ways of living, ...

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Christa Dee / Features / 8 months ago

We are data mines


Brands, research institutes and related companies are mining our own species for data. The everyday human is consciously and unconsciously b...

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Gaika – “Some Neon Lit Underworld”


Gaika's collision of dancehall, grime and ominous drone creates a charged atmosphere of dread.  As audiences to his recent performances in S...

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Christa Dee / Features / 10 months ago

Nadia Nakai is working towards being the best rapper on the continent

Bubblegum Club x Nadia Nakai Cover Fearure

Described as Family Tree's first lady, Nadia Nakai's guiding vision is to be the best rapper on the continent. All the decisions she makes w...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 11 months ago

The Evolution of The Sartists

Bubblegum Club x Sartists Cover Feature

The Sartists - One of the first collective’s whose name imprinted onto my young mind when I situated myself within the man-made concrete mou...

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Bob Perfect / Features / 11 months ago

Nonku Phiri Doesn’t Have To Try Be Anything

Nonku Bubblegum Club Cover lw

I assume everyone reading this website knows who Nonku Phiri is. Well, you know her work, at least. The multi-talented creative has featured...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 1 year ago

Investigating the Diasporic Condition through Architecture // Emanuel Admassu


Emanuel Admassu was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and is a founding partner of the AD-WO design practice based between Brooklyn and Providen...

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