About Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Club is a cultural intelligence agency, based in Johannesburg. We work to help brands and organizations understand and engage with contemporary South African youth culture. Along with identifying trends, we take the holistic approach of interpreting and explaining them. Through conceptualizing the broader social context of trends, our projects and activations help our clients to organically access youth culture.

Reflecting this mission, the company is divided into two interconnected divisions- an online magazine and an agency.

Our Online Magazine is a compendium of images, news and opinion which presents our perspective on the people and production defining South African youth culture. Its vision is to present an alternative narrative on South African art and society, by showcasing cutting edge creators and their work. The magazine is not based solely on popularity or visibility, but aims to give exposure to individuals and groups who embody passion and innovation. As well as being a showcase, the magazine is a platform for ideas and commentary which frame and advance cultural trends.

Our Agency produces regular reports which identify and interpret emergent trends. The reports are thoroughly researched and theoretically sophisticated, and offer our clients a rigorous analysis of the ideas and aesthetics driving these trends.


At the core of our service offering is our mission, to help clients understand and engage with youth culture.

Understand youth culture by commissioning the production of:
Youth-culture-trend insight and analytical reports

Engage with youth culture by partnering with us on the production of:
Content campaigns
Events & activations


Jamal Nxedlana – Creative Director – jamal@bubblegumclub.co.za

Lex Trickett – Design Director – lex@bubblegumclub.co.za

Marcia Elizabeth – Assistant Editor – marcia@bubblegumclub.co.za

Themba Konela – Design Assistant

Team Members

Themba Krige –┬áContributing Editor

Bob Perfect – Contributing Editor

Gemma Hart –┬áContributing Editor

Christopher McMichael – Contributing Editor