Themba Kriger / music / 7 days ago

M(x) Blouse doesn’t have time for idiots


Joburg-based M(x) Blouse might rap, but they don’t consider themselves a hip-hop artist. Born at the end of 2016 as a creative outlet for KZ...

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A.L.V – Sonic Myths


The occult has a long standing overlap with popular music. The notorious and influential magician Aleister Crowley appeared on Beatle's albu...

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Bob Perfect / music / 2 weeks ago

MHD is the French Rapper You Need to Know About


Do you ever worry that there’s so much dope shit out there in the world, that you’ll never get to experience it all? I do. We are in a golde...

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Christa Dee / music / 2 weeks ago

M.I.A comes to South Africa in June


Black Major Selects is partnering with the 20th Encounters South African International Documentary Film Festival to bring M.I.A to South Afr...

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Themba Kriger / music / 3 weeks ago

SubWav’s Wiretribe compilation showcases Joburg’s electronica

Cover Art (Dustin van Wyk)

‘Wiretribe’ is Joburg-based leftfield electronica label Subterranean Wavelength’s (SubWav) debut label compilation. Featuring exclusive unre...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 4 weeks ago

Jlin- Infinity and Simplicity


Jlin's Black Origami was widely hailed as the one of the albums of 2017, with publications from Pitchfork to Mixmag featuring it high on the...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 weeks ago

Diamond Thug release their debut album ‘Apastron’


My first experience of Diamond Thug was when I booked them for a gig at Cool Runnings in Durban along with Thor Rixon as part of their first...

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Themba Kriger / music / 1 month ago

Detroit’s Marcus Marcus is a poet not a rapper


Detroit-based artist Marcus Marcus doesn’t describe himself as a rapper. “I’d describe myself as a poet who has a fairly good ear for music,...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 1 month ago

Puppy – Demons of the New School


The critical consensus on guitar rock in thelate-90s is that sensitive indie bands were overshadowed by bombastic nu-metal. Music writers lo...

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Ghost Writer / music / 1 month ago

Uncle Partytime converts the dance floor into a space of sonic transcendence


Uncle Partytime is a kid whose dj persona was born out of the scene in Braamfontein, allowing him to be plugged into the sonic shifts that h...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 1 month ago

Rare & Sudden Podcast- Doing It For The Culture


The podcast format was only invented in the early 2000’s, but we have already entered the medium’s golden age. They are cheap to produce and...

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Bob Perfect / music / 1 month ago

The Big Hash dropped out of High School to Chase His Rap Dream


When you quit high school to pursue your rap career, you sure as fuck better make it. If you don’t, your parents and classmates will never l...

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