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Live From The Sunny Side: Sol Beer Launches its Bright New Banner

Given its centrality in South African culture, it’s no surprise that the sun has served as inspiration for local and international businesses and brands looking to maintain and attract customers. The Mexican brand Sol Beer, for example, has long been associated with the sun and its positive energy, making it perfectly suited for the sun-and-beer-loving SA market. 

Sol Beer

Mzansi’s warm weather and position near the equator have created a culture that values the positive effects of the sun on mental and physical health. South Africans generally believe that spending time in the sun boosts their mood and well-being, and they often enjoy outdoor activities. Take the South African braai for example – a quintessential experience incomplete without sunshine and an ice-cold beer. The sun is also seen as a spiritual symbol of hope and positivity, particularly in a country that has faced economic and social challenges. 

Established in 1899 the beer brand Sol’s Spanish name translates to “sun” in English. Its connection to the sun has long been showcased, and the “Taste the Sun” campaign in 2018 exemplifies this link. With its latest campaign, Sol stays true to its roots, honouring the core identity of the lager, while aligning this focus with SA’s famously positive vibes.

Sol’s traditional branding features a rather muted colour palette and a simpler design, but the recently launched new packaging is bright and funky, featuring a bold message: “Live From The Sunny Side”. The refreshing design of the packaging perfectly matches what’s inside the bottle – bringing nca vibes to anyone who takes a sip!

Sol Beer

Rather than being just another alcoholic beverage, Sol Beer proudly asserts the promotion of joy and positivity. In the land of corruption scandals, load-shedding and national shutdowns, Sol encourages us to turn negative sentiments into positive ones and create a community of individuals committed to making the world a better place. 

This message is reflected not only in the packaging but in Sol’s marketing campaigns and social media presence. Sol encourages consumers to unfollow toxic individuals and instead focus on those who are doing good in the world. This message is particularly relevant in today’s world, where social media can often be a source of negativity and stress. The “Live From The Sunny Side” campaign reflects the brand’s mission to inspire people to live their best lives. 

Whether you’re enjoying a day at the beach or simply basking on the green grass, the sun’s warmth and light can provide a welcome boost to your mood and well-being. Pair that experience with a refreshingly ice-cold bottle of Sol Beer and you’re good to go! The brand believes that when people live life “Live from the Sunny Side,” they choose to see the light-heartedness of every situation and strive for good vibes only. 

Sol Beer

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