Marcia Elizabeth / music / 3 hours ago

Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air Campaign – The Round

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 2.22.49 PM

The Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air performance and opinion platform has been getting together for the past four weeks to celebrate eight South A...

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Photographer and Film Maker Jarred Figgins uses imagery to see the beauty in peculiarity


Traditional framing broken and carefully pieced together. The cutting off of feet in a frame, blowing them up and lending them their own ima...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 8 hours ago

Internet Censorship // Undermining the democratization of information


“To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead...

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Themba Kriger / music / 1 day ago

Get addicted to the Afrikaaps raps of Niko10Long


While South African hip-hop today is dominated by artists based primarily in Johannesburg, the roots of local hip-hop can be traced back to ...

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Rosa Elk / art&culture / 2 days ago

Is Algorithm the new Abstract?

Laurie Fricks

Watching the contemporary art scene evolve is a little bit like watching a sports game as a complete philistine with no knowledge of the rul...

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Christa Dee / music / 2 days ago

WE ARE ONE Music Festival // connecting people through music


WE ARE ONE Music Festival is framed as an experience of "heritage, music and inevitably oneness". Founders Tokoloho Booysen and Tshepang Mab...

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Andrew Aitchison / music / 3 days ago

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 16 by Nakedboys


Last weekend the newly founded Cape Town based A11 agency hosted the Durban-based Nakedboys for a short stay in the mother city. The weekend...

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Wes Leal / Photography / 6 days ago

BOY: A transmasculine narrative in SA


My name is Wes Leal and I am a 19-year-old boy who was gendered female at birth. Although I was too young to properly grasp the concept o...

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Gaika – “Some Neon Lit Underworld”


Gaika's collision of dancehall, grime and ominous drone creates a charged atmosphere of dread.  As audiences to his recent performances in S...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 1 week ago

adidas Originals launches Deerupt // A new perspective on grid design


adidas Originals have brought out a new lifestyle option - the Deerupt. This completely new silhouette takes archival referencing to a highe...

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