Bob Perfect / music / 12 hours ago

Iglooghost makes disjointed, noisy, beautiful compositions full of character

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.25.58 AM

Not many artists in the 2010s can claim that their first release was on a cassette tape, but as you’ll discover for yourself, Iglooghost isn...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 16 hours ago

ALA // paying homage to the Igbo Goddess of earth, fertility and creativity

IMG_9453 copy

Long limbs and extended necks. Full body organza gowns coat glowing skin. Photographer Asamaige Ogaga's editorial pays homage to the Igbo Go...

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‘Ugly Girl Hand Cream’ invites you to a pink purgatory

Gitte Möller_Your natural charm will attract someone special_2018_Oil and mixed media on panel_89 x 124cm

Flat, ‘base’. A juxtaposition of unease. She paints a shadowless rendition of a willow tree, sky and grass in pink-red captioned: SUPER REAL...

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Gemma Hart / Photography / 3 days ago

Kyle Strydom // Exploring a Queer Aesthetic


In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality. — Alfred Stieglitz Contorted forms captured by a cli...

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An off-kilter fashion lens from Seoul


Hyunwoo Min is a fashion photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. Describing inspiration as something that comes from trivialities he lists...

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Paige Furness constructs beautiful low-fi renditions of an unreality


Vibrance. Similar hues mimicked within the same frame. A surrealist constructed utopian plane is brought into existence with editing softwar...

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Casey Delport / Photography / 7 days ago

Andrea Loupis: Finding the power in minimalism


Cape Town based photographer Andrea Loupis’ approach to photography is set around the idea that once an image leaves her control it is up to...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 1 week ago

Suburban Surrealism – An Interview with Jheyda McGarrell


Photographer, curator and activist Jheyda McGarrell creates work to speak to people of colour, specifically queer people of colour. Describi...

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Themba Kriger / music / 1 week ago

Falling in love with Alice Phoebe-Lou’s ‘Something Holy’

Elliott Mckee

With a crystalline soprano voice and an honest approach to writing, Alice Phoebe-Lou’s music has touched people from around the world. Her f...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 1 week ago

Yugen Blakrok // The Essence of Carbon Form


In a blog post by uDiscoverMusic, it is noted that the early days of hip-hop saw female rappers as an essential component to the genre’s bio...

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