Motlatsi / art&culture / 4 months ago

The JAG under conceptual (re)construction: A review of Ângela Ferreira’s South Facing exhibition.

Ângela Ferreira, Adventures in Mozambique and the Portuguese Tendency To Forget, (2016), Installation view South Facing, Johannesburg Art Gallery, 2017

Buildings mark the moments in our history where a people thrived.  Ângela Ferreira’s “South Faci...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 7 months ago

Odette Steele’s Mélange series: Africa’s past, present and future woven through textile.


Mélange is the title of Odette Steele’s luxury women's wear textile collection. Mélange is defined as a varied mixture. Her works invokes th...

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Motlatsi / Features / 7 months ago

A glimpse into the narratives that need questioning – The European Film Festival 2017


From the 5th to the 14th of May, Joburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town will be host the annual European film festival...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 8 months ago

Ib Kamara’s portraits of Black possibility


I met Ib Kamara on a hot morning. I was still in my post Saturday jol-haze when I in...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 10 months ago

Mike Leather’s vintage biker’s boutique: A homage to Joburg’s vibrant 80s punk past

img-207103425-0001 (002)

One of my favorite hidden gems in Joburg just so happens to also be a “tribute to South Africa’s punk and alternative scene” past!  On Jan s...

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Motlatsi / art&culture / 10 months ago

Art as the reflections of our times and the collector the preserver of our history: In discussion with Gallery MOMO creative director


Art is more than just about the business that generates it. Gallery Momo is more than just a conduit for the sale of art but also the creati...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 11 months ago

Ota express: The African renaissance for local business


There is a continuous need to redefine Africans and their continent. Whether it be such terms as the Afropolitan or ‘the New African’, they ...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 11 months ago

Jewellery that makes a wearable declaration of Art: An interview with the creator of Inkaturah designs


What’s most striking about the Inkaturah brand is its modern take on natural materials. I would first come into contact with this brand at M...

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Motlatsi / fashion / 11 months ago

Black existence is not just pain it’s the ultimate celebration of life: A review of the Mina Nawe portraiture series

Mina Nawe

What makes a good portrait? What has made this genre so important that it became its own discipline within the arts? It is a medium that pul...

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Motlatsi / art&culture / 1 year ago

Mongezi Ncaphayi’s journey to the one: Jazz as art and art as an auditory voyage to self-discovery


I just love it when Jazz and print medium collide! One example of such can be found in ...

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Motlatsi / art&culture / 1 year ago

Racism in Art is sometimes Okay? The artist challenging current understandings of Blackness, Mxolisi Vusi Beauchamp


Artists are the mirror to the wonders and horrors of our society! They reflect the state of ideas and beliefs in 2 dimensional forms. Yet, w...

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Motlatsi / art&culture / 1 year ago

The Black diaspora in context: Reflections on the Black Portraitures conference III


The black body is a highly contested terrain that demands serious and complex examination into the lived experience of marginalized people. ...

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