Christa Dee / art&culture / 4 days ago

Corner Store editorial documents the cultural history of Robot2Robot


Killarney race course in Cape Town comes to life every Wednesday evening with petrol heads lining up to see if they can show off their remod...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 5 days ago

CANINE WISDOM FOR THE BARKING DOG – THE DOG DONE GONE DEAF // Exploring the Sonic Cosmologies of Halim El-Dabh with Artistic Intervention at the Dakar Biennial


Sonically transformed. Haunting vibrations converging in crescendo. Signifying colourways correlating corresponding frequencies as musical n...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 6 days ago

Multimedia artist Rehema Chachage on rituals of survival and subversion


Multimedia artist from Dar es Salaam, Rehema Chachage uses video and sculptural installations as her chosen mediums to communicate her own e...

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Visual artist and storyteller Saaiqa unpacks the mind as a theatre in her series ‘The Fourth Wall’

The Fourth Wall Series 2015

"The day of birth for every human being is the start of a lifelong battle to adapt himself to an ever-changing environment. He is usually vi...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

‘Embroidery For A Long Song’ // merging the traditional and the modern in a neon-inspired meditation on female energy

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 11.22.05 AM

'I rise, I run. I even try dancing' - these are the first words one hears after being greeted by the music from 'Khaleeji' (the ten piece ba...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Cherrie Bomb // exhibiting the effects of the male on the female

Hey Sexy 2

This is not an attempt to fight the man. Nor is it an attempt to latch onto social campaigns like #MenAreTrash and #MeToo. Cherrie Bom...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Abri de Swardt’s Ridder Thirst // Collaging Historiographies of Queer Youth

Ridder Thirst LP (2016 - 18) Record front cover

An anonymity of objects, each with an individual history. Tussled and turned. Transformed by the rhythm of a pulsing river. Caked in the san...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Group exhibition ‘shady tactics’ shows how throwing shade at institutions is a productive past time for artists


The group exhibition shady tactics showing at SMAC Gallery in Cape Town purposefully throws shade at institutions, and presents this as a pr...

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Chris Soal / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

1.1 – create platforms over galleries

PRICE, Where Do You Wanna Go Today (2017). Act 17. Photo by Mirjam Graf. Copyright Mathias Ringgenberg. Courtesy of Mathias Ringgenberg and 1.1, Basel

A few days ago American art critic and recent-Pulitzer Prize Winner Jerry Saltz published an article criticising the current art fair struct...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

Ilze Wolff on a transdisciplinary architectural practice

African mobilities

Ilze Wolff is the co-founder of Wolff Architects, a practice she started with her partner Heinrich Wolff. They have a space in the Bo-Kaap w...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

Mother of Invention // a sci-fi short story by Nnendi Okorafor accompanied by gifs by Shyama Golden


"It was a beautiful sunny day, and yet Anwuli knew the weather was coming for her." This is the opening line from science fiction author ...

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Rosa Elk / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

The New Kids on the Block

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.07.34 PM

The 21st century self-portrait by SA young artists It is more than likely they are on the My Friend Ned database, have been at every hip ...

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