Flying Fish Presents for the first time ever the Flavour Odyssey


The Flying Fish Flavour Odyssey pops off on the 25th November with much anticipated tropical elementation and Afro-chic. The event will comp...

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From Cybergothic to Acid Communism- ‘K-Punk’ by Mark Fisher


Mark Fisher, the British writer and theorist who tragically passed away last year, was probably our greatest diagnostician of this boring dy...

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‘Not African Enough’ // A Quest to Shifting Aesthetics and the Narrative of African Fashion


‘’As Africans embrace the discomfort of a re-emerging self-esteem, new generations of Africans are taking back the ability to name, prioriti...

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Black women and their hair as seen through the lens of architecture and design

Instagram 1

Throughout history, black women’s hair has been (and continues to be) theorised, politicised, mystified and exoticised… but rarely is it cel...

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The female artist fighting for the ‘normalisation’ of Kurdish women’s identities in a world littered with coloniality


Multi-disciplinarian Evar Hussayni is based and works from London. She works as a curator and in addition to this she is completing her MA s...

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Nicholas Hlobo’s ‘Isango’ uses Copper as a Key to Another State of Being


Copper and conductivity. A different reality. A portal. The key. A spiritual awakening. The medium as key. Copper laden pathways to another ...

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‘Anciens Dieux, Nouvel Énigmes – Old Gods, New Enigmas’ illuminates tensions around the politics of display

Strange Butterfly II, Hilary Balu Kuyangiko, 2018, technique acrylique et grattage sur toile, 170cm × 140cm

Through its project space; The Point of Order, the Wits School of Art is set to present a show; Anciens Dieux, Nouvel Énigmes - Old Gods, Ne...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

Online Safety – tips and resources for womxn


The line between online and offline ways of engagement have been seen as almost non-existent for years. This also means that the frameworks ...

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Photographer Daniel Obasi’s short film ‘Udara’ draws from the past and transports us towards new imaginaries

UDARA By Daniel Obasi0285

Daniel Obasi's latest offering Udara is a short film that explores the spirit of the ages delivered as a parable the piece is comprised of f...

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Provocative New Short Film ‘Unsex Me’ follows four friends clubbing at a sex party in Cape Town

Screenshot 4

Eyeliner, hooker heels. Gimp suits. Leather. Latex. Body Harness. Have you ever felt your bones sweat? Shaven legs. Lips meet – boy, girl; g...

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Thoughts on the formation of subcultures


''Style is constructed through a combination of clothing, language (jargon), music, dance, make-up and drugs.'' - Subculture: The Meaning of...

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Papa Gunch // Tokoloshe Consciousness and Pre-Colonial Fantasies


“I think the series serves to tell Africans that we’re fucked. But always fighting, always hopeful, because soon we’ll rise above.” - Gunch ...

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