Indonesian-born Kanya Iwana breathes intrigue into imagery


Kanya Iwana is an Indonesian-born multidisciplinary artist based in Los Angeles. Her spirited voice can ...

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Travys Owen // Reds, blues, pinks and yellows combine to express the richness of portraits


Travys Owen is a Johannesburg-based photographer and film director with a passion and relentless enthusi...

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The gender-sex bell curve and the myth of progress

COVER_01 copy

When a beautiful, innocent baby is born we hail; ‘it’s a boy’ or ‘it’s a girl’. The performance begins —You will wear pink and not blue, ...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / art&culture / 2 months ago

Exploring, Undermining and Disrupting architectures of dominance

©Ronald Ngilima Archives

Memorials aren’t memories. They have motives. They are historical. They are not history itself - Nate Dimeo Cities evolve and...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / art&culture / 2 months ago

Black women and their hair as seen through the lens of architecture and design

Instagram 1

Throughout history, black women’s hair has been (and continues to be) theorised, politicised, mystified and exoticised… but rarely is it cel...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / art&culture / 3 months ago

Brent Manikam’s drawings are expressions of emotions ripening into visual stories


A hand holds out a sprig of flowers. A firm grip, a sad expression, a floral offering… the story of heartbreak told through the prism of a d...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / art&culture / 4 months ago

Discussions on survival as an independent artist in South Africa

Buyers Regret - Performance Art small selection 11

According to the World Economic Forum 15-20 million young Africans are exp...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / Photography / 4 months ago

Photographer Kader Diaby’s sensitivity towards ephemera


A sullen look towards the camera, a veiled head….body painted in vertical lines along the edges…underexposure, a small fading —Kader Diaby’s...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / art&culture / 4 months ago

Self-Portraits – The experimental one-night-only-show in Kingston, Jamaica

Rodell Warner - Self-Portrait With Flora, Jamaica No.5

In early August of this year, visual Artists Camille Chedda and ...

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Nkgopoleng Moloi / Photography / 5 months ago

Mpumelelo Buthelezi documents Dryhook recyclers and explores the politics of labour

Waste Pickers series (1.9)

Cities are complex and incomplete, they have the potential to be key organising units of our time where people, jobs and ideologies are brou...

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