Meghan Daniels – The Photographer capturing honest emotion through the people closest to her

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 1.51.25 PM

Candid intimacy. Grit. Snapshots of personal memories. Longing. These are the descriptions that come to mind when looking at the photographi...

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‘Soft Shells’ – Creating Human Clothing Sculptures with Libby Oliver


A cocoon of carefully interwoven fabric. Shoes, scarves, shirts, pants, skirts, jackets – every item of clothing a person owns morphed to ma...

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Sivan Miller – The Cape Town born photographer who reached the international frontier

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 18.46.04

Bodies inhabiting strong poses and near confrontational gazes. The sun creeping behind a model's head, low angles, lengthened bodies. Glare ...

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‘Trauma & Identity’ Group Exhibition at Gallery One11 by the NJE Collective

Tove Jeomba Kangotue represnting for all forms of blackness by Masiyaleti Mbewe

The NJE Collective's latest group exhibition opened at ...

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Arielle Bobb-Willis – The Young Artist Using Colourful Styling and Photography as a Therapeutic Meduim


Vividly coloured wardrobe hugs the bodies of models, embracing static, powerful poses. And it is as if the viewer is looking at non-human en...

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Phile – the zine challenging assumptions about normative sexual desires


In a world of accessibility, erotica of every nature can be found with a keyword search on the internet. Sexual subcultures cannot be simpli...

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The White Gaze and its Presence in a “post” apartheid culture


"I want my voice to be harsh, I don't want it to be beautiful, I don't want it to be pure." – Frantz Fanon *  The foundation for this wri...

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Sasha – The mysterious photographer lensing uncomfortably close sadistic images


Uncomfortable close-ups of body parts. Eyes, mouths and female genitalia. Netted faces and feet. Blood and blown out imagery. The mysterious...

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Marcia Elizabeth / music / 4 weeks ago

Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air Campaign – The Round

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 2.22.49 PM

The Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air performance and opinion platform has been getting together for the past four weeks to celebrate eight South A...

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Photographer and Film Maker Jarred Figgins uses imagery to see the beauty in peculiarity


Traditional framing broken and carefully pieced together. The cutting off of feet in a frame, blowing them up and lending them their own ima...

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The Human Touch and Sensibility Inherent in the Photographic work of Senay Berhe


Senay Berhe is a self-taught image creator from Stockholm, Sweden predominantly known fo...

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Autodidacts & Associates Introduces a new Headwear Capsule ‘kaas’, sharing their perspective on the untold narratives of Mitchell’s Plein

kaas editorial cover-06

Muted tones. Desaturated colours. The word kaas on caps and cricket hats. Washing lines carefully coated with white articles of clo...

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