The starry-eyed fashion depictions of photographer Annie Lai


Soft romantic lighting. Colours saturated. Models often captured as if in deep contemplation. Images that display as a fictitious 70s ideali...

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‘Trembling Thought’ – a solo exhibition in Katharien de Villiers’ studio

8. The couch must match the curtains

An amalgamation of colour, image, sound and installation. An artist’s studio showcases a new body of work Trembling Thought present...

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Rosanna Jones’ Ripped Up Portraiture explores visual identity and embodiment


The act of obscuring faces and bodies. Faces hidden beneath colour smudges. Or ripped out of works entirely. ...

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Ricardo Simal – Photographing an idyllic state of being


A moment of time captured in a permanent state. Intimate portrayals of fresh-faced youths. Flecks of haziness. A perfect balance of slightly...

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Daria Kobayashi Ritch – The photographer creating intimate romantic fashion depictions

ilanaalana 006

A moment is frozen in time. The beauty of youth captured. A soft approach with a tender touch. An unquestionable femme gaze. Flowers, low an...

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Dancer and Choreographer Jeremy Nedd shapes multidisciplinary performative pieces

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 2.46.37 PM

Choreographer and classically trained dancer Jeremy Nedd lives and practices in Brooklyn, NY. Studyi...

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Kusheda Mensah’s Debut Collection ‘Mutual’ Inspires Empathy


Furniture designer and LCC Surface Design graduate Kusheda Mensah's bold debut coll...

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Chris Soal’s First Solo Exhibition – ‘Orbits of Relating’ Opens at NO END Contemporary


“We think we are liberated by individualism, but in reality we’ve given up so much power. People are so caught up in the nuances of their ow...

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Internet Friends – A Photographic Series Exploring relationships that manifest online by Katya Abedian


"Internet Friends is a story about transcending social media's pitfalls while aspiring to form meaningful, sincere friendships. ...

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Marcia Elizabeth / fashion / 1 month ago

New Zealand based jewellery brand 27Mollys release their second collection – Love and Basketball


The New Zealand based jewellery brand 27Mollys has released their second collection titled, Love...

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Alex Paterimos – The young Cape Town based photographer interested in capturing sentimentality


Alex Paterimos is a young creative focusing his energies on photography and cinematogra...

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