‘Ugly Girl Hand Cream’ invites you to a pink purgatory

Gitte Möller_Your natural charm will attract someone special_2018_Oil and mixed media on panel_89 x 124cm

Flat, ‘base’. A juxtaposition of unease. She paints a shadowless rendition of a willow tree, sky and grass in pink-red captioned: SUPER ...

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An off-kilter fashion lens from Seoul


Hyunwoo Min is a fashion photographer based in Seoul, South Korea. Describing inspiration as something that comes from trivialities he lists...

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Paige Furness constructs beautiful low-fi renditions of an unreality


Vibrance. Similar hues mimicked within the same frame. A surrealist constructed utopian plane is brought into existence with editing softwar...

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Mantsho Lifestyle at 27 Boxes radiates a Beautiful Complexion


27 Boxes upholds sustainability, local economy and community and is one of the few spaces in Johannesburg with this contemporary retail outl...

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Shalom Mushwana’s photographs speak about belonging


“I’ve had this fascination with the iconic nature of the black and white image and its heritage and history in Africa. Though struggle docum...

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Marcia Elizabeth / music / 4 weeks ago

PURE turns spoken language into gold with the release of the ‘Vocal Alchemy’ EP

VocalAlchemyCover JPG

“At an early age, I learned that what was said was not always what was meant, and this became my first lesson in the power of words. I also ...

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When considering points in a lifecycle of Goldendean there are many beginnings, but I imagine they exist in potentia on the min...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Features / 1 month ago

Goldendean – Queer love, Queer dissidence and the undoing of whiteness


Much like gold itself, the spectacle of Goldendean challenges the arbitrary values we place on the normative body. Our gaze cannot help ...

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Marcia Elizabeth / fashion / 1 month ago

adidas Originals by Pharrell Williams launches its limited new colorway – BYW LVL X featuring an exclusive in-store appearance by Pharrell


‘GRATITUDE’; ‘EMPATHY’, sewn onto the vamp of each shoe respectively in black, bold lettering. Sport, a way of changing lives - ...

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Marcia Elizabeth / art&culture / 2 months ago

What is the ‘self’? What is ‘space’? – Abstractions with Michael MacGarry


I am increasingly drawn to the narrative capacity of objects – especially those repurposed from my immediate surroundings, that morph fr...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Photography / 2 months ago

Nick Luongo – Documenting the Absurdity of Existence

Version 2

Red accentuated by whiteness of snow which cakes to it like clumped frosting. A man holds a toy gun at an amusement park – his children seem...

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