Wolfgang Tillmans: Fragile – A Question to The Art of Photography and its Materiality

1989-006 Love (hands in hair)_web

An activation of materiality. A display of careful calculation. Grids and lines are followed in a non-conforming rhythm. Architecture is use...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 2 days ago

‘Beautiful Boy’ – an editorial inspired by the perfect moment not the perfect look

Detlef Honigstein _ HONIGSCHRECK _sanele (5)

German photographers Timmi Taubenschreck and Detlef Honigstein have been working in the fashion industry in various capacities for the past ...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 2 weeks ago

Gowun Lee // exploring social issues with a conceptual lens


Describing herself as a visual artist who uses photography as her chosen medium, Gowun Lee explores social issues in a conceptual manner. Sh...

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Tyler Mitchell’s Candid Lens and Raw Depictions of Youth sets him apart as a young creative


A photographic and filmic dexterity finding its nucleus in real life experience. Candid portraits that remain in cognitive thought. A stylis...

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Dana Scruggs – Photography celebrating the black body and increasing visibility


Rawness used as a tool of empowerment. A shutter that constructs a narrative around the individuals captured. A constant return to documenti...

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Delphine Diallo’s ‘Women of New York’ – empowering women


Delphine Diallo, currently based in Brooklyn, New York, is a French Senegalese photographer and visual artist. Completing her studies at the...

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New Photographic series ‘Like Flowers Grow’ by TRYBE COLLECTIVE


We interviewed members of TRYBE COLLECTIVE about their new series Like Flowers Grow:   Please share more about how you came toget...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 4 weeks ago

Bubblegum Club selected to be part of the 2018 Aperture Summer Open


A picture is worth a thousand words. This idiom speaks to the premise behind the 2018 Aperture Summer Open exhibition titled The Way We Live...

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The starry-eyed fashion depictions of photographer Annie Lai


Soft romantic lighting. Colours saturated. Models often captured as if in deep contemplation. Images that display as a fictitious 70s ideali...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 1 month ago

Reflecting on queer experiences through movement and imagery


UK photographer Angela Dennis teamed up with dancer and choreographer Llewelyn Mnguni, the result of which is a series of images that aim to...

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Rosanna Jones’ Ripped Up Portraiture explores visual identity and embodiment


The act of obscuring faces and bodies. Faces hidden beneath colour smudges. Or ripped out of works entirely. Rosanna Jones’ tactile work is ...

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Robert Tennent / Photography / 1 month ago

‘Come Back To Bed’ – rediscovering intimacy

38190004 (1)

The following is written by Robert Tennent, a young man who is sharing his story of emotional healing after sexual assault through an exhibi...

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