Ghost Writer / music / 3 months ago

Uncle Partytime converts the dance floor into a space of sonic transcendence


Uncle Partytime is a kid whose dj persona was born out of the scene in Braamfontein, allowing him to be plugged into the sonic shifts that h...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 3 months ago

Rare & Sudden Podcast- Doing It For The Culture


The podcast format was only invented in the early 2000’s, but we have already entered the medium’s golden age. They are cheap to produce and...

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Bob Perfect / music / 3 months ago

The Big Hash dropped out of High School to Chase His Rap Dream


When you quit high school to pursue your rap career, you sure as fuck better make it. If you don’t, your parents and classmates will never l...

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Themba Kriger / music / 4 months ago

Vancouver-based artist KENZA’s Dead State (of Mind)


Upon listening to 20 year old, Vancouver-based artist KENZA’s sophomore release ‘Dixie & The Dead States’, it becomes clear that she dra...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 4 months ago

Dreaming of the Flood // Singer-songwriter Msaki and artist Francois Knoetze collaborate for ‘Dreams’ video

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 10.44.49 AM

Sometimes it pays to wait. Singer-songwriter Msaki and artist Francois Knoetze have been planning to collaborate for years, ever since their...

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Themba Kriger / music / 4 months ago

Producer Lay Lay is on the decks


Much like the printing press, the internet has democratised knowledge, spreading information that was once only available to a limited numbe...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 months ago

Nodiggity are Audio Visual Curators for the Lovers


If you are a hater, Nodiggity are not for you. For real, if you have hate in your heart, don’t even bother reading further and most certainl...

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Christa Dee / music / 4 months ago

Stiff Pap at the forefront of Future Kwaito


Since dropping their debut EP 'Based on A Qho Story', Stiff Pap have consistently been thinking of different ways to push their sound and li...

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Marcia Elizabeth / music / 4 months ago

Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air Campaign – The Round

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 2.22.49 PM

The Ray-Ban Reinvention on Air performance and opinion platform has been getting together for the past four weeks to celebrate eight South A...

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Themba Kriger / music / 4 months ago

Get addicted to the Afrikaaps raps of Niko10Long


While South African hip-hop today is dominated by artists based primarily in Johannesburg, the roots of local hip-hop can be traced back to ...

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Christa Dee / music / 4 months ago

WE ARE ONE Music Festival // connecting people through music


WE ARE ONE Music Festival is framed as an experience of "heritage, music and inevitably oneness". Founders Tokoloho Booysen and Tshepang Mab...

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Andrew Aitchison / music / 4 months ago

Bubblegum Club mix Vol 16 by Nakedboys


Last weekend the newly founded Cape Town based A11 agency hosted the Durban-based Nakedboys for a short stay in the mother city. The weekend...

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