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ZENESOUL Returns with Empoweringly Emotive Single “KEOTR”

R&B music and the month of love go together like peanut butter and jam. If musicians get their timing right, their music could have instant and eternal appeal. Fresh from two sold-out Candlelight Concerts in Toronto for Valentine’s Day and a headline performance in Atlanta for Black History Month, ZENESOUL got the timing right with her release of KEOTR, her debut single of 2024. This is her first drop since the critically acclaimed Fantasy EP series last year and it offers a glimpse into her upcoming EP, scheduled for later this year. 

Another aspect that has become part of the DNA of a song is the visuals. Accompanied by an Afrocentric music video shot in Lagos, Nigeria, by emerging filmmaker Mic Daviz and video producer Tfry, KEOTR is written by ZENESOUL, produced by JMS (known for his collaborations with Cruel Santino and Lady Donli), and engineered by JUNO Award-winning musician Nate Smith (known for his work with TOBi, Lu Kana, and Sean Leon).


ZENESOUL is also a Juno-nominated artist, from Brampton, Canada, but born in Nigeria. She infuses authentic R&B, Neo-Soul, and Afro-Beats into her music, creating a unique sound of soft timbres and soulful melodies. With a passion for songwriting since age 11, ZENESOUL’s acclaimed EPs include the viral hit Wasteman (2020) and the Afrobeat-infused Is It Love (2022).In the course of her burgeoning career, she has garnered support from major platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

ZENESOUL’s well-awarded love for storytelling comes through in KEOTR, which also has an undeniable Abfrobeat influence. While it is clearly coming from a place of heartbreak, the song’s uplifting message earnestly urges both the singer and her listeners to remain authentic in love and relationships, despite the challenges and negativity they may encounter. According to ZENESOUL, KEOTR serves as a reminder to “guard your soul and maintain focus on who you aspire to be.”


Despite its lyrics, this feels like quite a carefree song. It has no frills and isn’t attempting to perform any kind of musical cartwheels. It simply takes itself from A to B, seemingly wishing only to fulfil one simple task. In KEOTR, ZENESOUL delivers a message of resilience and empowerment. As she puts it, “Everything may be falling apart but keep eye on the road and maintain who you are.”

Musically, the world may be ready for a new direction, perhaps towards simpler times, and there may be new opportunities for artists who do not fit the current mainstream mass appeal. With her natural and nostalgic aesthetic, ZENESOUL has the potential to make an impact in the R&B world, especially if she continues steadfastly on her out-of-the-way track. KEOTR, with its smooth, easy, almost retro, Afrocentric feel, sends listeners on an odyssey of remembering themselves, allowing new space for that which is not necessarily new. 

Ultimately, this is a song about self-love in a world of toxic carelessness. Sometimes the world convinces us that we’re not enough, while other times it tells us we’re too much. It suggests we don’t deserve love or can’t survive without it. This song creates room for those quiet moments amidst the grand narrative. It embraces its own uniqueness, moving at its own pace. With its breezy lyrics and simple instrumental, KEOTR doesn’t force itself; it stays true to its simple essence, comfortable in its own lane. It quietly, yet decidedly invites you to meet it where it’s at.

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