Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 days ago

Girls in Film // a network for womxn in the film industry

Nikola Vasakova_founder_photo Stella Malfilatre

Nikola Vasakova is the founder of Girl in Film...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 days ago

Nkateko Masinga // writing stories that reflect her own experiences


Nkateko Masinga, like with most writers and poets, her writing stems from her passion f...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 week ago

Title in Transgression // an art collective as a support system

Title In Transgression - July 2017 BHEKA-3

"The importance of collectivity solely exists on the support it gives artists of colour in an industry and country engineered to exclude us,...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 week ago

Thandiwe Msebenzi // an interrogation of the private as an unsafe space

download (1)

“I don’t have the privilege to take a break from being a womxn. By creating artwork that speaks to these issues I am able to heal and tackle...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Tahir Karmali // The potency of borders


With an interest in how geopoltical affairs and social systems affect the formation and interpretation of personal and collective identities...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 weeks ago

Unpacking knowledge production and highlighting alternate worlds

larger (5)

Jackie Karuti, known for her experimental and conceptual work, uses ...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 2 weeks ago

Local designers reinterpreting one of Nike’s most recognizable silhouettes

Nike Blank Canvas_Summer Salad

Introduced to the public with the slogan 'Air in a box' in 1982, the Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe that featured a pocket o...

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Christa Dee / fashion / 3 weeks ago

Sindiso Khumalo // cross-continent textile design


Tropical prints for flowing satin frocks. Multicoloured striped jumpsuits with delicate ruffle sleeves. Summer will definitely appreciate be...

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Christa Dee / Features / 3 weeks ago

Digitized imaginings of new cities and their effects on rights to the city


Cities are alive. In the same way that bodies renew themselves by creating new cells, so are buildings, streets and whole areas refurbished,...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

Sound as a map and an archive


Sound. The vibrations that travel through the air (or another medium) that can be heard when in contact with a person's eardrum. Nigerian ar...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 3 weeks ago

The theatrical, fantastical and figurative take centre stage with fabric creations


Siwa Mgoboza's recent work explores difference and belonging, which is strongly tied to...

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