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Gaze Art Advisory + Projects: expanding the boundaries of art advisory

Khumo Sebambo is a writer and curator whose work has emphasised collaboration and a deep knowledge of the artists she has worked with throughout her growing career. Her practice as a curator explores collective memory, nostalgia, popular culture and includes a special interest in textile arts. This is the foundation for her engagement with art. Sebambo’s experience in galleries combined with enquiries about specific artists, along with the facilitating of sales and shipping in her personal capacity, has inspired carving out a path for herself as an art advisor through her recently conceptualised Gaze Art Advisory + Projects. Starting a Black-owned, all women art advisory platform such as Gaze carries important significance. It extends the conversation about diversity and inclusion within the art world to that of the business of art.

There are other black women already working as advisors such as Londi Modiko of An Art Agency and UNDERLINE projects, and Makgathi Molebatsi of Mak’Dct Art Advisory & Agency and Latitudes Art Fair. They are accomplished and talented art professionals and I’m proud to join their ranks as an art advisor.

CONTINUUM by Ryoji Ikeda at Centre Pompidou

Using her skills as a writer, curator and advisor, Khumo aims to amplify artists’ voices, particularly Black artists and those of color, women, queer artists and disabled artists. Fluid engagement with work, a deep investment in the development of artists’ careers and a desire to have a positive impact on how art collecting is framed for collectors are part of the mission that Gaze has taken up. This will also come to fruition in the form of inclusive projects in the format of shows and programming that include education, experiences and activities. In this sense, Gaze can also be considered a platform for knowledge exchange and collaborative learning — pushing the boundaries of what is meant by ‘art advisory’

Chela Mitchell, an art advisor working in New York said ‘I’m hoping that our generation builds some of the most culturally robust collections that the world has seen. Collections with artists of color, women, LGBTQ, and disabled artists. These are the communities that we’re advocating for, and our collections will be a reflection of that’, I echo that sentiment.

At the Winter Sculpture Exhibition at NIROX Sculpture Park

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