Hazel Kimani / music / 8 months ago

LESKA x Batuk – ‘I Got You’ video

Batuk cover

After a meticulous brainstorming session between Manteiga, the vocalist of the Pan-African collective, Batuk and director, Adriaan Louw, the...

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Bob Perfect / music / 8 months ago

Red Robyn – The Sweet-voiced Songbird from Wentworth

red robyn

Birders of Durban feel shame no more. No longer shall Durban be known as the city with the world’s most annoying bird, the Indian Mynah, but...

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Beth Vale / music / 8 months ago

DJ Capital (Siyabonga Sibeko) and the Dancefloor Dialectic

eTv Capital_058 (1)

DJ’s write our nocturnal soundtracks. Spinning the energy in the room, they ease their audience in; build them up; hold them in suspense. Th...

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Bob Perfect / music / 8 months ago

From the Bath to Inner and Outer Space


I’ll tell you one thing, Song’s From The Bath is a fucking trip. I’ll tell you some more things, I just felt like that was a good way to sta...

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Christa Dee / music / 8 months ago

The Siren’s Call video – Visual metaphor of sonic melancholy


"The Siren's Call" from producer Jumping Back Lash's latest EP features Nonku Phiri. The video for this track provides the perfect mirror to...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 8 months ago

Jakinda – Storming Heaven


The first time I opened the Soundcloud link to Jakinda’s  Afrika 3000,  I felt a powerful surge of the uncanny. And by uncanny, I don’t just...

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Sihle Mthembu / music / 9 months ago

ByLwansta creates rhythmic waves and lyrical poise


The Karolinska Institute in Sweden has recently published a study that indicates musical talent may have a lot to do with genetics. Research...

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Bob Perfect / music / 9 months ago

Slow Oceans EP is a Carefully Considered addition to Jumping Back Slash’s Unique Catalogue

COTCH001 - COVER low

Writing about music from day to day usually isn’t that difficult. A lot of releases are so one-dimensional, cliché and uninspired that you c...

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Bob Perfect / music / 9 months ago

The Lessons Musicians Can Learn From Muzi


If you’re a South African musician, there’s quite a bit that you can learn from Muzi. The charismatic producer from Empangeni seems to have ...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 9 months ago

2016 – The Year in Dread


The dominant theme in the innumerable ‘best of 2016’ lists is disappointment, failure and despair. A year categorised by the rise of the Far...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 9 months ago

At The Drive-In: Back for The Chaos


I feel an intensely personal connection with the mighty Texan punk band At The Drive- In. Let’s go back through the fog shrouded mists of ti...

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Beth Vale / music / 10 months ago

Techno in the City: the story of TOYTOY


Run your finger through the history of techno and you will eventually come to the source: Belleville, Detroit in the mid-1980s. It was here ...

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