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Inside Gyakie’s Single “Scar”

Bubblegum Club had the opportunity to chat with Gyakie, a rising star in Ghana’s Afro-fusion scene. My first question to her was about her intriguing name. She replied: “In my local language, anything that is spelt ‘gy’ is pronounced as a ‘j’.” Born Jackline Acheampong, professionally known as Gyakie, the songstress has music in her DNA. At the risk of making her sound like a nepo baby, talking to Gyakie felt like talking to musical royalty, considering her father is Nana Acheampong, a beloved Ghanaian Highlife musician. 

“I am from a musical background. My dad is a musical legend from Ghana … I grew up around music. I grew up falling in love with entertainment. When I got into my secondary school and university days, that was when I started paying attention to my voice and I decided to delve into music … My dad has been a big influence on my love for music.”

For her single Scar, Gyakie joined forces with UK rapper JBEE. Released on April 20th, the emotionally charged song combines Gyakie’s fierce flow, JBEE’s hard-hitting lyrics and producer Sosa’s dazzling Drill beat. With haunting production, heavy 808s and impactful lyrics, Scar showcases Gyakie’s talent while the collaboration with JBEE adds a unique flair. The music video, directed by Craig Capone and Romara Blake, features both artists telling their sides of the story before coming together in the final scenes. 



Speaking to me virtually from London, Gyakie is working hard to get her sound out. She tells me: “I’m in London … because Scar is a Drill song—one of the most popular genres here in the UK … I’m here to work. I’m promoting and pushing the music to the rest of the world … I did my own show at the Jazz Cafe last year and I’m doing a tour in May. That’s going to be my first tour here in the UK and Paris. From the 20th of May, I’ll perform in Manchester, London, Birmingham and in Paris. I’m looking forward to it.”

Gyakie’s journey from her 2019 debut single to this recent collaboration is a testament to her impressive versatility. Since her debut with Love is Pretty, Gyakie has collaborated with renowned artists like AKA, Diplo, Blaq Jerzee, Major League DJz and Mayorkun. Her breakout hit Forever has garnered over 150 million streams worldwide. In 2022 she performed at the Global Citizen Festival, being the only femme Ghanaian representative.



Given this curious combination of collaborators and influences, I was keen to hear about Gyakie’s artistic process. “I can be an introvert,” she said. “I like to record at home with my producer. I’m always in the dark when I’m recording because it makes me feel I’m alone in the space and I’m able to explore my thoughts … I’m able to express myself well when I’m recording alone.”

Something of this proximity to solitude is resonant in Gyakie’s Scar. With the primary lyrics: “Running around with a scar on my leg, who’s gonna help? I am in pain. Release me from this hurt you left me in jail, left me jail!!” Its relatable lyrics are a mix of English and the singer’s native tongue Twi. A poignant exploration of hidden pain, the bopper becomes a metaphor for boldness in the face of adversity. 

While Scar marks Gyakie’s venture into Drill, her previous releases have consistently showcased her unique ability to explore new sounds in her music. Her genre range is broad, spanning Afrobeat, Reggae and Trap. We’re excited to see what she has in store next and highly recommend checking out Scar. It’s a fun track and a must-listen for fans who enjoy music with emotional depth.

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