Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 1 month ago

Cherrie Bomb // exhibiting the effects of the male on the female

Hey Sexy 2

This is not an attempt to fight the man. Nor is it an attempt to latch onto social campaigns like #MenAreTrash and #MeToo. Cherrie Bom...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 2 months ago

Azania Forest and her artistic expression

2016-02-23 12.33.23 1

Azania was the alternative name proposed for post-apartheid South Africa. During the racial segregation and discrimination of the era, the n...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 3 months ago

Rights of Admission Reserved // How Gentrification and art washing can destroy the social capital of space

cover image

When you are tucked comfortably into Johannesburg’s Northern suburbs, the word of inner city enclaves that accommodate you and your neighbou...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 3 months ago

Afripedia to launch new platform to connect creatives with clients and each other

Senegal _ Omar Victor Diop Copyright_StocktownFilms

Africa’s representation has been exhausting - it’s typically about poverty and her friends, disease, unemployment and corruption. From the W...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 4 months ago

Thinking about de-gendering as a route to personhood


So the first time I encountered the term ‘cisgender’ was on my colourful Twitter timeline. Some troll was ignorantly spewing his privilege a...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 4 months ago

Faggotry (Embodied) // activating queer spaces with multidisciplinary artist Elijah Ndoumbé


Summing up everything that Elijah Ndoumbé encompasses is no easy task. The magnitude of their bri...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 5 months ago

Chimurenga // an astonishing African resource


Extracting from the Afrocentrism of Fela Kuti (and more than a hundred creative writers, photographers and illustrators from Africa and its ...

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Hazel Kimani / fashion / 5 months ago

SELFI Flagship Store // a natural sanctuary

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

Since the inception of Celeste Arendse’s fashion brand, SELFI, inspiration has lived in t...

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Hazel Kimani / fashion / 5 months ago

LA LOBA // harnessing the power of femininity


Rochelle “Rharha” Nembhard, multifaceted visual artist, has been a loyal customer o...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 6 months ago

Gabrielle Goliath’s ELEGY // a deadly sonic experience

Elegy - Noluvo Swelindawo

I am certain that it is impossible to shake off visual artist, Gabrielle Goliath’s, ELEGY performa...

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Hazel Kimani / Features / 7 months ago

Anees Petersen // For those who don’t conform to the norm

Anees Petersen Bubblegum Club Cover Feature 2


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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 7 months ago

A Gentle Magic // an independent documentary exploring skin bleaching in South Africa

gentlemagic_UKZN woman-1

“bein alive & bein a woman & bein coloured is a metaphysical dilemma / i havent conquered yet” - ...

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