Bubblegum Invites | an opportunity for image-makers to use our studio - Bubblegum Club

Bubblegum Invites | an opportunity for image-makers to use our studio

Bubblegum Invites is our new initiative thought up and established with the specific intent of supporting our creative networks and communities by opening up access to our studio space and equipment. Our country’s creative scene is a burgeoning sector of potential, however, ebbing structural and systemic conditions still have an impact on the present realities including which individuals have the economic by-in and access to make art thus turning their ideas into reality. With 2021 ushering in our 5th birthday, we want to focus on supporting the individuals and creative communities who have made this milestone possible fo us, and Bubblegum Invites is one such initiative. Once a month on each month, we will be inviting Joburg based image-makers to use our studio space and equipment to bring their ideas and projects to life, along with the exciting opportunity of having said work published on Bubblegum Club! From creative directors, to make-up artists, photographers, stylists and more — if you’ve got the sauce then we have the space! 

While Bubblegum Invites is open to all individuals and practitioners working in the space of image-making, this first open call is focused specifically on photographers with an original idea or concept in need of a space and resources to realise their vision. To apply please submit your bio, portfolio and proposal to info@bubblegumclub.co.za. Successful applicants will be given support through: 

Studio space (5 hours in total under supervision on Sat or Sun March: 20, 21, 27, 28)
Lights Godox fv200 lights
Sony A7 camera with lenses
2x Lapel Mics

Application Deadline: 12th March 2021

Selection Feedback: 16th March 2021