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Bubblegum Workshops | studio lighting with Paul Shiakallis

Our second Bubblegum Workshop will take place on Thursday 25 March with art and documentary photographer Paul Shiakallis with a focus on studio lighting. Shiakallis who shot our 5 years of Bubblegum Club cover — along with our Tabita Rezaire cover feature — and who has worked on numerous commercial campaigns both here at home and internationally, is known for his distinct visual language perhaps best crystallised in his photographic series Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts. The project; a culmination of portraits he shot of the women of the African Heavy Metal Scene in Botswana has been published by over 35 both online and in print publications with an extract from i-D magazine on it stating, “So Paul set out to tell their stories, which, in addition to challenging people’s perceptions of modern African culture, buck gender roles in Botswana”.

Experience makes for the best teacher, and drawing from his wealth of knowledge and numerous years in the industry, Shiakallis will be leading our next Bubblegum Workshop focused on the intricacies, ins and outs of studio lighting. Bubblegum Workshops is a series of physical and online workshops for creators who are interested in pursuing careers within the creative industries. Our aim is to contribute to a more open and inclusive creative industry through the transfer of skills and knowledge to the next generation of creators. In 2021 the workshops will focus on publishing, photography, music and film with each aiming to impart knowledge, technical skills, business processes/ practices and advice on establishing successful careers. Workshop applications are open to aspiring publishers born in 1989 or after. To apply please submit a cv together with a motivation letter outlining your reasons for wanting to attend the workshop.

Deadline for Application: 17 March, 2021 at 19:00

Application feedback: 19 March 2021

Workshop Date: 25 March 2021 

Place: Bubblegum Studio – Media Mill, 7 Quince St, Milpark, Johannesburg

Time: 10:00 – 13:00 with a lunch break (cafes and restaurants nearby, WE ASK THAT YOU ARRIVE ON TIME)

Level: Moderate

Follow this link to apply!

More information shall be sent out to successful applicants.